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Dodgers Linked to Free Agent To Be Anthony Rendon

The playoffs haven’t even begun but free agency rumor season is already underway and the Dodgers are back in the headlines.

There is speculation in the industry that the Dodgers will make a run at signing third baseman Anthony Rendon in the off-season, according to an article from Buster Olney.

Rendon is a free agent at the end of the season and according to Olney, checks all the boxes for the Dodgers with his “consistently competitive plate appearances, power, a preponderance of contact, and an even-keeled temperament.”

Some of Rendon’s friends in the game believe he isn’t “devoted to the idea of a very long-term deal,” and would prefer something closer to five years over 10, according to Olney.

That is something that would really interest the Dodgers, who don’t like to dish out those long contracts to any player. They were reportedly willing to offer Bryce Harper the highest average annual value on a short-term deal last off-season. It would make sense if they try to do the same with Rendon.

If Scott Boras, Rendon’s agent, gets his way, Rendon will be signing a long-term deal with the highest bidder, so that could push the Dodgers out of negotiations. However, at the end of the day, it’s what Rendon wants, not Boras.

If the Dodgers were to sign Rendon, they would have to decide what to do with their excess of infielders. Sliding Justin Turner to first base with Max Muncy at second base would be the easiest fix.

That would push Gavin Lux to a bench role, but the Dodgers have repeatedly shown an excess of depth always solves itself. They could also try to teach Lux to play the outfield for a season, similar to what the Nationals did when they called up Trea Turner, their top prospect shortstop, a few years ago.

Justin Turner is a free agent after the 2020 season and they won’t be able to get a better player to take over at third. Rendon is arguably the best third baseman in baseball and is putting up an MVP caliber season. He is hitting .331/.414/.625 with 33 home runs, 118 RBI and 160 wRC+ with 6.9 WAR in 133 games this season.

They could also choose to bring Turner back after the 2020 season in a Chase Utley/David Freese type role to finish out his career.

No matter what their plan is for the rest of the infield, the Dodgers would be wise to bring Rendon to Los Angeles.

Blake Williams

I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Journalism from Los Angeles Pierce College and now I'm working towards my Bachelor's at Cal State University, Northridge. I'm currently the managing editor for the Roundup News and a writer for Dodgers Nation. Around the age of 12, I fell in love with baseball and in high school, I realized my best path to working in baseball was as a writer, so that's the path I followed. I also like to bring an analytics viewpoint to my work and I'm always willing to help someone understand them since so many people have done the same for me. Thanks for reading!


    1. But we do that soo well! Dodgers would jump at the opportunity to sign him if he was more seriously injury prone, or only batted well on a fluke a couple seasons ago.
      Other Dodger fans should know our only interest here is hiking up Rendon’s contract price for some other team.

      1. How about actually signing someone it doesn’t have to be Rendon it should be proven relievers instead of leaving the bullpen neglected. Friedman doesn’t like to trade the future and that’s fine. He should use money then and sign relievers in the offseason. Kelly wasn’t enough

  1. I think Rendon is wishful thinking. I’d like to see them go hard after Gerrit Cole if they decide to spend big.

  2. The fact is that we don’t need Rendon, period.
    JT’s going nowhere and even he knows it.

    Any big money could MAYBE be spent on pitching, and even that may be unnecessary given the up & coming young guys we already have.

    I suggest they buy out Dave Roberts and get a new manager. He’s a nice guy, talks the talk to the press, but holds back an already excellent team with his decisions.
    The best National League record should already be wrapped up, but it isn’t.
    The best Major League record should already be wrapped up, but it isn’t and probably won’t be.
    The Dodgers should be sprinting into October, instead they’re stumbling into October.

    1. Thankfully, you don’t call the shots. Roberts is a huge reason for the Dodgers’ success and will be their manager for a long time. Player friendly, excellent handler of the roster, and attentive to detail. The players love playing for him. He is the best manager the franchise has ever had. This Dodger team has a good shot at being the winningest in franchise history. This is largely due to Doc’s leadership. Do you pay attention to other teams and the game at large? Or are you just checking in to troll?

      1. Roberts has won 4 straight Division titles to go along with the 3 that were won by Mattingly before him. What you are saying is basically true, but keep in mind that Walter Aston, has won 4 WS Championships in his tenure as Dodger manager, which includes the ONLY WS ring won by the then Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. So I, along with most others are not quite ready to proclaim Roberts being the best manager in franchise history. OH and BTW, Alston managed the 1963 Dodger team that swept a very tough Yankee team that was probably considered a better team than many of the WS teams that succeeded them in the years beyond.

    2. You have it right Jon. He is too much of a players manager in that as bad as they are sometimes here fuses to find answers. There is no one on this earth that thinks Jansen hasn’t lost it as a closer. His blunders pitching Darvish in 17 and pulling Hillin Game 4 of the 18 WS then inserting maybe the worst reliever in Dodger history Madsen. He might be good inn a lot of areas but handling the pitching situation he ranks a solid F.

  3. Well Tommy Lasorda and Walt Alston – both HOFers – might disagree with your best manager statement but the rest of your comment is correct.

    1. Agree here so let us see Roberts win at least 1 WS ring. Alston and Lasorda, along with being in the HOF are THE ONLY managers in Dodger history to take home a WS Championship.

      1. True Paul. Some people seem to be satisfied with just being the “winningest era in franchise history” without acknowledging that World Series championships need to be apart of that or else they are not to be considered better than the Alston and Lasorda years

      2. AZUL, I could not agree more!!!! I will give Roberts his due as a fine manager as he tries to balance the egos of his players. I remember Alston vividly, and he took no garbage from his players. I do not think he would have been as successful in today’s game. I am not ready yet to put Roberts in the same class as Lasorda and Alston. If we can win this WS, Roberts ‘s will be regarded as one of the best Dodger managers. Go Blue!!!!

  4. They should go after a front line starter either by trade or free agent. Roberts is messing with Dustin May as a reliever.DM said he prefers starting. Remember Pedro Martinez they did the same thing then traded him! What a mistake! Why did Roberts let Kersh pitch the seventh and go over 100 pitches. He is a good 6 inning pitcher. The start before he threw 99 in 5 innings. We need him for the playoffs. The Mets announcers were stunned that he left him in. He is not a great manager. Maybe, average because he relates to his players.

  5. Hey Jon I agree with you. Dave Roberts should be fired, because the Dodgers have lost 54 game. I would think with all stars in every position and teams they are playing rolling over I would think the Dodgers should be 162-00 at the end of it year. The Dodgers get to play 9 games against AAA teams ( Miami), while The Astros and Yankees play around 32 games against AAA teams ( Detroit, Baltimore, and Kansas City ). So the Dodgers should have rapped up home field advantage. Jon you are an idiot.

    1. Talent has gotten the Dodgers where they are not a manager. I will admit he is a good manager based how he manages these playoffs and hopefully the this World Series! I can name 20 games including the last two WS games that he has pulled a picture too soon!

  6. a lot of amusing comments here.
    nairb, dont forget toronto, with 7 rookies for the first time since expansion. roberts is not getting fired. whether you love him or hate him, he is doing exactly what the FO wants so your anger should be directed at his boss.
    i too would have pulled Kersh but considering the pen pitched 8 1/3 the night before could factor into leaving him out there for another inning.
    blake, why would you move turner to 1st when he came here as a 2nd basemen, plays over there regularly (in the shift) and has better range than muncy?
    why would you seriously consider moving lux to the OF with belli, and pollock locked into positions and dugie, beaty, joc, taylor, kike, and garlick all looking for playing time? there are already going to be some difficult decisions to make and when the next traded kid turns into another yordan alvarez….
    the bottom line to this is that although rendon is a tremendous talent, he is not going to be the right piece at the right price. trout is the perfect example that even the best player in baseball is still one man on a 40 man roster.

  7. On a different player topic, I’m not crazy about how Kike is being handled. He is such a gamer and gives everything he has every game, no matter where he plays, and he plays all positions well and produces at the plate. Lux has been ok but not exactly the second coming of Ryne Sandberg so I hope that there isn’t any chemistry being affected.

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