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Dodgers: Listen to Mookie Betts Narrate a Video Honoring Jackie Robinson

Major League Baseball will be celebrating Jackie Robinson day today, months after the day we normally get to celebrate. But COVID-19 changed things up, and we’re just glad to see a day where players get to honor his legacy on the field. The Dodgers will be in Texas playing the Rangers tonight on Jackie’s big day. 

MLB released a video today in honor of Jackie, with the Dodgers’ Mookie Betts narrating it. Listen as Mookie reminds us that Jackie Robinson’s legacy lives on through the players who proudly wear 42 and everyone who stands against injustice.

Until every child can have an equal opportunity in youth and manhood. Until hunger is not only immoral, but illegal. Until hatred is recognized as a disease, a scurge, an epidemic, and treated as such, Until racism and sexism are conquered. Until that day, Jackie Robinson and no else can say he has it made. There is not an American in this country free until every one of us is free.

Jackie Robinson day is celebrated annually by Major League Baseball on April 15th, the day that he broke the color barrier. The date was pushed this year as the season was delayed, and is celebrated on August 28th to celebrate the day Branch Rickey met with Jackie Robinson to discuss his future in Major League Baseball with the Dodgers. 

Mookie Betts has been one of the most active voices in the civil rights and social injustice protests that persist even to this day. The Dodgers outfielder was instrumental in organizing the team sitting out their game on Wednesday in protest. 

The Dodgers ultimately came back to play a doubleheader against the Giants on Thursday. The team acknowledged that Mookie was going to sit out, but he chose to play after a conversation with the Player’s Alliance. Los Angeles took both games of the doubleheader. 

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