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Dodgers: Local Hero Joe Kelly Has a Great Mishap With Fan During Cheating Astros Series

The legend of Joe Kelly has really taken off in Los Angeles over the last few months. The incident between the Dodgers and Astros back in July had Dodgers fans praising him as a hero, sparking all sorts of t-shirts and a mural. 

This week, Dodgers fans made the trip out to Chavez Ravine to welcome the Houston Astros into town in the worst way. Signs referring to their cheating scandal along with banging trashcans lined Vin Scully avenue as the bus pulled up the gates. 

The Astros weren’t the only ones to witness the crowd at the gates though. Dodgers players and coaches passed through at various points, some even acknowledging the fans that had shown up. One of those guys was Joe Kelly himself, who rolled down his windows and honked at the crowd. As it turns out, there was also a pretty funny fan interaction that went along with that. Joe talked to Alanna Rizzo about it before the game. 

Yeah I pulled up the red light and the guy with the microphone started running over with the megaphone and runs over the car and I roll down my window and he’s like ‘Kiké?!’. I didn’t expect that one and he goes ‘Oh I’m just kidding sorry Joe!’…so it was kind of funny. Apparently I look like Kiké or me and Kiké drive cars that are similar. But either way, Kiké’s a good looking man so I can take it. 

We get it, meeting one of your favorite Dodgers can be overwhelming, and sometimes the right words just don’t come out. It’s still a really fun story, one I’m sure that Joe won’t forget any time soon. Kelly started serving his 5-game suspension this past week and is eligible to come back this week.  

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