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Dodgers: Local LA TV Broadcast Burns Altuve in Astros Apology

By now, you have heard the Houston Astros’ poor excuse for an apology. However if you have not, make sure you click and watch the entire KTLA embedded video below.

Still, the Astros don’t feel that they owe the Dodgers an apology. KTLA shows they bleed blue with a heartfelt dialogue on the set. Again, this is definitely not a drill. No one there is reading off a tele-prompter. Have a listen.

These are just people who are passionate about the Dodgers – thought they bring you the news every day – they have also been affected by the Astros’ scandal.

Equally important, they too are Los Angeleans. Their city was affected by not being World Champions in 2017. Aside from all they mention like the rings, the bonus checks, and things that the beloved Dodgers players we watch every night in the summer missed out on.

Undeniably, I want to give special props to KTLA for telling it like it is here.

The Houston Astros had an opportunity to issue a heartfelt apology and instead they took the easy way out. In a way, fans of baseball were cheated because they skirted the issue. Obviously the Dodgers are at the forefront of all of this.

Every good story needs a villain, and it’s clear who that is as we head into 2020 in baseball. Especially if you love the Dodgers.

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  1. Seems like the next logical thing to transpire would be for us to meet them again and lose fair and square this time to further the tragedy that is the Dodgers. I assume people think the opposite is destined to happen but this is the Dodgers

  2. Are the teams scheduled yo meet in preseason? I really don’t remember what teams play where in preseason anymore. If they do, Dodgers should just cancel those games. Screw it and focus on this season. Don’t give the criminals the satisfaction of knowing they can just go on as if they haven’t permanently damaged the game itself.

  3. I’m starting to be embarrassed being a Dodgers fan. It’s so easy piling on. It’s a bad look. Just go out and play good baseball.

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