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Dodgers: Looking Back at When Experts Were Convinced Rendon Would Land in LA

We’re now a few months removed from the Anthony Rendon heartbreak. The Dodgers also have added a superstar into the mix since then, which almost makes us forget about the pain of losing him to Orange County. 

But looking back, it truly was a difficult thing for Dodgers fans to handle. The odds felt like they were in our favor, every expert told us so seemingly on a daily basis. The Dodgers just had a very disappointing playoff run a few months before and Rendon seemed like the perfect fit. 

Then, in early November, ESPN’s Jeff Passan dropped this bomb on Dodgers fans. 

I’m going to go a little bit off the board here. I think Anthony Rendon’s gonna sign a 5 year deal for $200 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers. I think he’s gonna break an AAV record, and I think he’s looking for a shorter-term deal even though he might be able to get more long term, if he gets those 8 or 9 years.

We all know how that went, of course. Rendon went on to sign a seven-year, $245 million contract to play for the Angels in Anaheim. To add insult to injury, Rendon was quoted as saying that he didn’t choose the Dodgers because he did not want to live the ‘Hollywood Lifestyle’, whatever that means. 

Now, more than five months removed from Rendon’s decision to go to Anaheim, we’re able to look back and reflect on the decision. If you gave me the choice between Anthony Rendon and Mookie Betts, I would take Mookie ten times out of ten. Add to that the fact that we also got David Price in the deal that cost us a few prospects, then you have yourself a perfect situation. 

In my mind, the deal made for Mookie Betts and David Price is far better than the long-term commitment to Anthony Rendon, especially when you consider how many young guys we have that need to get paid. So yes, I was upset that Rendon did not choose the Dodgers. But I sure am thankful that he couldn’t handle the Hollywood lifestyle. 

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  1. I wasn’t upset in the least and still think we dodged a desperation bullet. He wasn’t a good fit at all.

  2. Another Scott Boras contract, great for the player after a career season. After 3 good years, the Angles will be wanting to unload the huge contract. The last 100 million will be written off as a loss, just like the rest of the Boras contracts.

  3. Anthony Rendon missed up big time coming to talk and negotiate a contract with the LA Dodgers and having an attitude, Thank God LA Dodgers didn’t offer him a contract.

  4. I wasn’t surprised because, if you remember, I kept saying it was media hype, and it was. He wasn’t the right fit and he wanted too much money and we would have had to switch The whole infield around.
    The “experts” you mention are experts in crafting a sentence and adding a headline -journalists. The same ones that wanted Harper, Bumassgartner and every other big name free agent that comes along. Yes, Mookie seems to be a better fit and even then I’m not sure they will sign him long term. Why should they when they have plenty of young stud outfielders in the minors? .
    I believe the plan was to get Mookie, win the world series, then if he didn’t take a home town discount let him go. Once you win the WS the pressure is off.

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