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Dodgers: Los Angeles is About to Break Another Attendance Record

Chavez Ravine is easily one of the best stadiums in baseball to visit. While it may not be THE stadium to visit, it certainly ranks among the top. Fans have been proving that for the last 6 years, as the Dodgers have topped attendance in Major League Baseball every year since 2013.

In fact, the Dodgers are on pace to once again sell close to four million tickets. That mark would set the franchise record for a second consecutive year.

It’s a little bit easier to sell tickets when your team actually wins baseball games. It’s MUCH easier to sell tickets when your team has appeared in the last two World Series. Sure they lost both of those, but they were there.

The simple truth of the matter is that people like to win, and that’s what keeps fans coming back to the ballpark. Dodger Stadium is averaging 48,885 fans per game in attendance, which is nearly 15 percent greater than the next best team. The Cardinals draw roughly 42,799 fans per game.

Just 72 games into the season, the Dodgers have drawn 3,519,778 fans through their gates. That’s a far cry from their 3,324,246 fans drawn in 2012 when the team went 86-76 and missed the playoffs. Maybe it’s all of the home runs they’re hitting?

So keep flocking to the stadium everyone, it’s the easiest way to show the rest of the league why we’re the best fans in all of baseball!


  1. Ya fans keep going. But hold idiots Friedman and Kasten to the fact that they spend some money this winter. Like signing pitcher Garret Cole. We obviously need relievers and a true leadoff hitter.

  2. Year after year Dodgers raised ticket, parking, and concession prices, year after year Dodgers fans paid these high prices. Dodgers fans have the right to boo the players (like Kenley Jansen) and the FO (Friedman, Walter, Kasten, and Roberts).

  3. What a moron! Boo the Dodgers and the front office?? Really?? Seven consecutive division titles, wildly entertaining walkoff wins, likeable players of good character, and amazing moments in the playoffs and World Series? I, like many others, support my team and a World Series win is inevitable soon with the young talent we have. Just be grateful for what you have and let the chips fall where they may… I have followed the Dodgers since 1974. These past seven years have been awesome!

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