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Dodgers: Los Angeles is Playing it Safe With Max Muncy’s Back

The Dodgers are dealing with another injury to an All-Star. To be fair, this injury is more minor than most, but first baseman Max Muncy is dealing with a back issue.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts didn’t sound all that concerned about Muncy during Friday’s pregame press conference.

It’s loosened up. Talked to him today and he said he could be in there, but I just felt that, giving him an extra day, to then run him five in a row, makes the most sense, but he’ll be available to pinch hit or or whatever we need.

After this weekend series against Colorado, the Dodgers will play two of the best teams in the NL. They host the Braves at home before heading to San Francisco for their final series against the best team in baseball (by record). It makes sense for Roberts to rest one of his best bats in Max Muncy multiple days in a row. 

Muncy is slashing .184/.279/.474 for the month of August, but remains in the MVP conversation. For the season, Muncy owns a 151 wRC+ with 28 home runs and 76 RBI. He’s been a potent offensive weapon on one of the best offenses in baseball.

Including Fridays’s game, the Dodgers have 33 games remaining in their schedule. If they’re going to catch the rival San Francisco Giants, they’ll need all of their key pieces healthy. Muncy has been a key cog in the Dodgers lineup all season. It’s hard to believe the Dodgers can catch the Giants without a healthy Muncy, hence the added rest.

Muncy has provided consistency this year as the Dodgers have battled several injuries to key players.

The Dodgers management of Muncy’s minor injury could have a massive impact on the team’s stretch run. Even when your lineup is full of All-Stars, keeping your slugging first base man healthy is always a priority.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. A back injury, and not concerned. That is par for Roberts saying this. When did he hurt his back and what kind of drugs is he using for his pain? You need to get him back in the lineup

  2. No worries Rob he’ll just put bellinger in to fill his spot. No worries, and mckinney will take mookies spot in right, and Trea will sit because mookie can bat Leadoff……No worries, all 3 are tearing the cover off the ball, and it’s ONLY the Rockies..

  3. Has to be stupid roberts ideas. Muncy’d back and Mookie to play second and bench Trea who’s having a great year we couldn’t gain ground yesterday cause of robert’s stupid moves and come Sunday he’ll do another bullpen game instead of pitching Julio since he will have his normal 4 days rest.That’s why Giants with less than half the talent dodgers have. Are in first place . And dodgers owners don’t see this.

    1. Luis, that’s Roberts for ya. Unfortunately Robert’s dumb unreasonable moves won’t be noticed until Dodgers fail to win the division over the Giants and then get bounced in that one and done Wild Card game. And that won’t be because of the pitching, but will be due to an inconsistent or non existent offense created by Roberts himself.

  4. All comments are correct about Roberts…the players of yesteryear are turning in their graves of how soft these players are today, these guys aren’t working the line at General Motors or taking coal out of the mines or even driving big rigs across the country…they are playing a beautiful game in the sun. Roberts is a nice guy and has a nice cushy job managing these Dodgers. Dodgers should have won three World Series by now instead of just the one in a shortened season.

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