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Dodgers: Los Angeles Players Still on the Free Agent Market

Major League Baseball appears to have found a resolution to the lockout. The league and Player’s Union came to an agreement today, and that means the free agent floodgates are about to open. The Dodgers will no doubt be one of the more active teams once players are allowed to sign. 

With that, let’s review some notable Dodgers players that are still out there on the market right now. Corey Seager and Corey Knebel both signed deals prior to the lockout in December. 

Clayton Kershaw

Of everyone on this list, Clayton Kershaw seems to be the most likely candidate to return to the Dodgers. He spent his entire career here, won numerous awards, and took home a title in 2020 with them. But there are concerns that he could land with his hometown Rangers or even consider retirement. 

One former Dodgers teammate hinted that was more likely than him returning to Los Angeles. Could we see him signing one-year deals until he is ready to call it a career?

Kenley Jansen

Kenley reportedly was in talks with the Dodgers about a return to the Dodgers prior to the lockout. The longtime closer has had his share of rollercoaster years with the team, but he is easily one of the most dominant relievers on the market. He should be highly sought after, and it’s unclear right now if he wants to return. 

Joe Kelly

Meanwhile, Joe Kelly has made it very clear that he would like to return to Los Angeles. If the Dodgers do decide to bring him back into the bullpen mix, you can bet that it will be at a much lower rate than his initial $25 million contract that he signed before the 2019 season. 

Jimmy Nelson

Nelson is a guy that the Dodgers will almost certainly look to bring back as a depth option for them. If last year taught us anything, it’s that you can never have too much starting pitching. Injuries have derailed him the last couple of years, but he has been effective when healthy enough to go. 

Albert Pujols

Tio is a guy that fans in Los Angeles would love to see on the bench, especially with the universal DH coming into play. But at 42-years-old, there are better options for the team to consider. Expect him to sign with a team that he can mentor the younger generation, and perhaps get the chance to start as their DH fairly often. 

Steven Souza Jr

Will the Dodgers need more right-handed outfield depth this season? Probably. Souza does seem like he wants the opportunity to play though, and the emergence of AJ Pollock makes his presence a little less necessary. But if he’s comfortable in the organization, he might accept a minor league assignment and wait for his opportunity. 

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There are a few more names from the Dodgers 2021 season, but none will play a role in their free agency this year. Max Scherzer signed a massive deal with the Mets. Danny Duffy and Cole Hamels never threw a pitch for the team this season. 

Which players do YOU think the Dodgers will bring back? Drop into the comments and let us know. BASEBALL IS BACK. 

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Stays Busy Amid MLB Lockout


  1. There’s a chance that none do, especially if the Dodgers succeed in prying Freeman away from the Braves. There’s just no money left after that. But I’m betting that both Kershaw and Kelly return. I can’t see the Dodgers throwing enough money at Jansen to make him forget how he was sidelined by the team in 2020.

    1. Agree with rbm ! Let the others walk away except CK and JK.
      Can’t spend big bucks on KJ, already have a new closer, maybe two.

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