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Dodgers: Los Angeles Public Library Shares Video Planned if LA Won 2017 Series

Obviously one of the worst parts of the Houston Astros’ guilt of cheating in the 2017 World Series is in a long best of seven of thin margins, the Astros were just a hair better.

Therefore – it’s fair to say that if not for the added ‘help’ – the Los Angeles Dodgers would have their title. Indeed, legacies like that of Dave Roberts, Clayton Kershaw, and other current Dodgers would be entirely different. Your life, and possibly those you love most would be just a little more complete because the Dodgers would have a championship.

On Wednesday, the L.A. Public Library’s official twitter account posted a tweet that was pretty interesting. It was a video snippet of what they planned to post if the Dodgers would have pulled off the magic in that fateful game seven in Los Angeles. Here is that video:

As we all know, the Dodgers fell tragically short in game seven; and the overall series. While they fought valiantly until the end, the Astros seemed a move ahead. Now that we know why that was, it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Often I find myself thinking back on that series, and it brings about a lot of what if’s.

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What if Cody Bellinger’s fly ball in extra innings of game two would have went just a little further? Honestly – I thought it was a home run – and the Dodgers were going to hold a 2-0 series advantage. Also, what if Clayton Kershaw could have just held one of the leads he was given in game five in Houston? Of course, it seems like the hitters on the Houston roster knew what was coming that night in that incredible extra inning affair.

It’s not too wild to think about the Dodgers taking just one extra game in that series if the Astros were just a regular team. Instead, they were powered by technology.

Finally, props to the L.A. library for running this content anyways. Although it’s painful, it definitely helps tell the story of what might have been.

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