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Dodgers: Mad Max Scherzer Reveals His Thoughts On Being Pulled Early

Max Scherzer has been a difference maker this season for the Dodgers. In fact, the trade from Washington to Los Angeles kicked him into a new gear the rest of the way as he positioned himself quite nicely for a chance at his 4th Cy Young Award. Even though he struggled in his last two starts of the season, coughing up 12 runs (11 earned) in 10 1/3 innings, Dave Roberts decided to give him the nod for the NL Wild Card Game. After all, the postseason is a chance for players to redeem themselves.

However, Max did not have his best stuff on Wednesday night as he labored through 4 1/3 innings of 1-run ball before Roberts came walking out of the dugout. Scherzer was clearly not happy with the decision during the time, especially since he had already gotten Nolan Arenado and Dylan Carlson to ground out before. Despite the obvious disagreement with the decision at the time, Max revealed that he trusts his manager.

“Doc does extensive preparation of where he wants his guys in different situations. Even though I was good in that situation, he felt that Joe was the right matchup for that specific time. I’m here to win. So is he. I have to trust in my manager that he’s making the right call for the ball club. Regardless of how I felt, he’s got to make the right call.”

Normally pulling Max Scherzer in a game would be absolutely mad, and many still believed so, yet the postseason brings different rules to the table. In a do-or-die situation, you can’t leave anything to chance. Max also stated that all that should matter was that the team won the game and lived to play another day.

Roberts also stuck by his decision to take Scherzer out of the game.

“We’re going to lean on Max the rest of the postseason. I just felt in that moment in the (fifth inning) it was the right decision. I never expect him to be happy, but that was my call.”

Doc has made some questionable decisions in the past, especially the postseason, but he made every right call furring that game. Joe Kelly, Brusdar Graterol, Blake Treinen, Corey Knebel, and Kenley Jansen were all called upon and didn’t disappoint as they all threw up zeros. 

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  1. I thought it was amazing that Scherzer didn’t punch Roberts and refuse to leave the mound. From the expressIon on Dave’s face as he walked out to the mound he wasn’t sure that wasn’t going to happen too!

  2. Gotta admit, not a big Doc fan up to last night, but kudos to him for pushing ALL the right buttons last night. Hope it continues right through the last game of the WS.

      1. Doc has a great understanding of the game. He was decent not spectacular player. But he has been both a player and manager to have won a WS. Not many have done that. I find it somewhat ironic that he played for both sides of the rivalry. Anyone who has read any of my comments know I’m a huge Roberts fan. He expunged a long WS drought last year. Granted the Front office has just as much to do with. It’s an organizational win.

        1. Roberts will in my opinion will find a way to blow it for the Dodgers again. If I am right I hope not but if so than he needs to go. I have been a Dodgers fa my whole 63 years of life and will extremely upset if the lose. They especially need to beat the hated Giants.

      2. I told you guys doc would do right. what balls he has to go pull Scherzer when the only thing he did wrong was throw a WP to lead to the earned run. Boy he must have been pissed when he saw Barnes was on the bench when the lineup came out.

        1. Joe, not sure under which story I posted it so I will repeat it here. My projected lineup for NLDS gm 1:

          RF Betts
          SS Seager
          2B T Turner
          3B J Turner
          1B Beaty
          LF Taylor
          CF Bellinger
          C Barnes
          P Buehler

          Questions/comments? I’m going with defense here. Postseason is all about run prevention and try to get enough hits to put together a couple of runs.

    1. It wasn’t the right button, what happen if Taylor chokes like the last 22 games? Then you’re left with scrubs in the bullpen or use a starter…which if you win after extra innings you’ll mess up the rotation in the NLCS. The dodgers offense have always bailed Roberts horrible pitching moves. Over a series the offense can’t bail his bad moves all the time and you’ll end up losing more than you win, losing 2/3 of the World Series is proof enough. Dodgers should have been a dynasty like the 90s Yankees but instead they’re like the 90s Braves with the 90s Yankees talents.

      1. Absolutely correct. We have to overcome Roberts the Clown every f’n game. I’m sick of that idiot.

      2. Marcus, back the truck up a second here. The Dodgers lost to the “cheatstros” in ‘17 in a game 7. They happened to run into a 108 win Red Sox team whose pitching and timely hitting were unconscious in ‘18. Lose to Scherzer and Co (WS champs) in the NLDS in ‘19. Last year DR completely out-managed Kevin Cash in the WS. Pulling Snell when he was absolutely dealing ring a bell?

        After the Dodgers repeat this year, come back and see how stupid your comment will look.

    2. I completely agree. I have been ripping Roberts for not have a clue when it came to managing, but he deserves a lot of credit for the way he handled the game. Scherzer’s comments bare that out. Now it’s time to ruin the Giants season! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cruising around DODGER’s NATION today looking for the same commenters that are here every single day calling for Roberts to be fired. Somehow, I can’t find them today ? (I’m sure that they’ll be back soon enough…)

  4. Max wouldn’t make a scene even though he was mad. He is too professional for that. At the time I was okay with the decision. Kelly has been great. Nice to see Graterol back with good stuff.

    1. Have to admit, I thought I was going to pass out when I saw Graterol warming up in the pen! He has been the worst guy coming out of the pen. I almost died laughing when it only took him 5 pitches to get out of the inning. This is the very reason I refrain from ever second guessing the winningest manager in baseball history. Managing in the regular season is so much different then in an elimination game. Even an excellent manager like Dusty Baker of the cheatstros, who has taken 5 different teams to the postseason, with 11 postseason appearances, has never won a WS!

  5. Playing McKinney is NEVER a good idea. He did nothing regular season to deserve playoff innings. Likewise, with Sousa getting an AB. And Roberts “managed” to get one of his hottest hitters in Lux only announced as a PH. Three examples of Dodgers winning despite his brilliant moves.

    1. Yes, what waste of lineup stops, pinch hitting for Beaty, bringing in McKinney, Souza, wasting naming Lux as a pinch hitter. This has happened so much, just as keeping Pollack on the bench so we can rely on Cody beyond belief. How many games were needlessly wasted through our pursuit of the Giants’ win-loss record? Not to mention pitching changes that weren’t a bad surprise as innings went on.

      Oh well, we managed 106 wins despite all this and let’s take it to the Giants. GO DODGERS!

      1. Speakin up, please give me an example of even ONE big hit Pollock has had in the postseason in Dodger blue. Ok, I’ll wait. Oh that’s right, there aren’t any! As great as a regular season as he had this year. He has been the biggest postseason dud. Worse than Kershaw. At least Kershaw was huge last year. Pollock, completely MIA! That’s why In my game 1 lineup I have Taylor starting in LF!

  6. You know what’s funny about all of this “Roberts is a bonehead” debate? We all throw a fit when he puts in a pitcher who gets bombed. Well, isn’t that on the pitcher? Shouldn’t the pitcher be held accountable? I have issues with Roberts as a strategist as well, but if Kelly had failed when Roberts pulled Scherzer, we would all be blasting Roberts today. Instead it’s “Roberts made all the right moves”. I will admit his love affair with Bellinger is a bit baffling, though.

    1. My feeling about the DR “love affair” with Bellinger is the fact that the kid is a former NL MVP!!! He has been battling injuries all year. He has greatness in his genes. Everyone knows his struggles this year at the plate, but no one can argue that it has negativity affected his play in the field. IMHO, Bellinger will have his postseason moment at the plate as he did last year. Lest you all forget he hit the game winning HR in game 7 vs the Braves. A huge robbery of a Tatis HR vs the Padres. Root the Dodgers on and quit being so damn negative!

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