Dodgers: Madison Bumgarner Should Never Be a Dodger

Although there are a fair share of fans who believe Madison Bumgarner would be a welcome addition to the Dodgers’ roster as they hope to return to the World Series, it is purely nonsensical to think he will ever wear blue.


After yesterday’s escapade with Max Muncy, that was only further cemented and only added to a quite colorful history with Bumgarner and the Dodgers.

Former Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi, now with the Giants, has claimed that he would be open to trading with the Los Angeles Dodgers, despite the division rivalry. Still, a move like Madison Bumgarner to the Dodgers makes zero sense.

Bumgarner Now

Bumgarner has not been an elite pitcher for quite awhile, anyway. After falling off a dirt bike prior to the 2017 season, he really has not been the same. After the injury, MadBum has posted a 3.43 ERA and 3.95 FIP with a 21.7 K%. Prior to the injury, outside of being a three-time World Series champion, Bumgarner was one of the best in baseball, posting a 2.99 ERA and 3.12 FIP to go along with a 24.5 K%. He is still a formidable force on the mound but the reasons the Dodgers should never even consider him aren’t all necessary on-field concepts.

Bumgarner is forever engrained in the Dodgers-Giants rivalry and probably has some true hatred in his heart for the Boys in Blue after getting absolutely clowned by Max Muncy and Yasiel Puig in recent years.

Bumgarner History

Not only does Bum have an injury history that includes a fractured hand and the aforementioned shoulder, but he would cost valuable assets and could present a clubhouse issue. A good portion of the Dodgers roster dislikes Bumgarner, guaranteed. Why bring in someone like that, no matter how good or bad they are, into a winning environment and clubhouse that the Dodgers currently possess? It does not work and it never will.

Another factor is that the Dodgers have probably four or five more reliable and capable starting pitchers at this juncture than Madison Bumgarner. Personally, I would take Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Rich Hill, Julio Urías, and quite possibly even Kenta Maeda to start a postseason game for me.


Many of baseball’s biggest fans have become so blinded by Bumgarner’s postseason track record of old that they forget his present state. He is not an ace anymore, but is still a fantastic pitcher, no matter how much you may dislike him. He is also only 29 years old. However, we know who he is and what he has been: a thorn in the Dodgers’ side.

Stop the madness, Bumgarner should never and will never mix in with the Dodgers.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Agree completely. A bigger reason than the fact he is an SF jerk is the great price in prospects that he would cost. Zaidi has said he would be glad to trade with a divisional foe to hurt their future. Winning ONE world series is not worth weakening the team for years to come. I would rather be really good for several years than to win a single WS.

    1. I find your reasoning quite interesting because many fans are frustrated that this franchise cannot win a World Series title. While it seems right now that the rotation is strong, I’m still not sure how much I’d trust Kershaw in the postseason. The guy’s lost his touch, he’s not the Cy Young winner he was a few years ago in the same way that Bumgarner isn’t the World Series hero he was a few years ago. It’s more likely that, if the Dodgers get anyone from the Giants, it’s a bullpen piece, but even then it may weaken the team in the future. There’s always the potential worry of losing a future Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, or Alex Bregman when overlooking a trade. Look at the year Luis Castillo was having with the Reds in May and Tatis in San Diego. Both were overlooked prospects that were completely snatched in the major league players they’ve become and they still have so much youth. Giants fan btw, just offering my completely neutral and (hopefully) objective opinion.

    2. Than you’re the perfect fan for this regime because they’re always in the future and never in the present. They want to milk this thing for as many years as possible for greed with no care for a World Series victory. When the “future” becomes the present they’ll still be looking to the future. I bet they never win a World Series to be honest

  2. I was surprised that the Dodgers were not on Bumgarner’s no trade list. But, hard to see him ever being a Dodger. He’s been one of the biggest Dodger haters over the years. Never say never though, cause I’ve seen crazier things.

    1. He did, however, have high praise for Kershaw. I could see him in Blue, and his post season mastery is something Blue can learn from, no doubt. It wouldn’t be that strange. We’ve seen Jeff Kent become a Dodger. Uribe become a favorite in Dodger Stadium. It’s just an entertainment biz.

  3. Bumgarner can’t join the Bums for one simple reason: he knows how to win in the postseason.

  4. Remember when the Dodgers got Jeff Kent, amazing with the Giants, ok enough with the Dodgers for a few seasons. But my god what a pain in the A malcontent, not a team guy and certainly not an LA guy. Hell he was the only person I ever heard say a bad word about Vin Scully of all people. We don’t need Kent 2.0. My brother is a lifelong Giant fan and even he now admits, yeah Mad Bum is kind of a prick.

  5. Daniel Preciado, you nailed it young man. It doesn’t matter if Bumgarner is still capable or not, he would be a cancer in the clubhouse. Winning teams need rapport and the Dodgers have that.
    And the Dodgers aren’t the only team Bumgarner has had issues with. He needs to get his head on straight.

  6. All of these weird old guys calling this guy young man and youngster every time they comment lol

  7. I don’t care about Bumgarner’s recent talent fall off one way or another. We do not need a nut case on the team period! He rants and raves abut everything and anything. He storms around staring down and barking at umpires who do not call his borderline pitches that are balls strikes. He also seems to feel he has the the right to publicly berate any player who beats him. He’s a spoiled brat who only acts like a professional ball player when he gets his way and things are going well for HIM. Isn’t that why the Dodgers dumped Puig (who I could most times tolerate)………they both personify bad attitude…….that “snot slinger” should never wear blue! If the Dodgers acquired this tool I would still root for him to lose every time he took the mound. Now that Puig is gone he goes after Muncy? Muncy of all people?…..and why? Because Muncy embarrassed Bumgarner by crushing the ball in the water on him!! Same reason he hated Puig………Puig was a guy who embarrassed him with the bat and he hated him for it.

  8. ………..FYI Daniel…………..Bumgarner has a 6-5 record in 14 starts against the Dodgers at his field with an earned run average of 2.79. At Dodger Stadium he is 9-8 with a 2.34 earned run average.

    That is not exactly what I would call a very big “thorn”, more like a “splinter”.

  9. Mad Bum, i.e. crazy trash, should go straight to Hell, or to the Yankees, so we wouldn’t have to see his ugly face so often.

  10. Bluz1st, I concur. However what we all know is that this BP once AGAIN took the game out of the Dodger’s hands yesterday. I mean really? Roberts pulls Ryu after 6 innings, and it appears that EVERY time he prematurely pulls a SP, the Dodgers lose the game courtesy of this horrifying BP.
    Don’t know what more to say about Kelly but his showing last night was just awful…AGAIN!!!!!! And Floro? he won’t help us at all should we reach the PS and I got news fro everyone.. I f Dodgers continue this score a couple early and then the offense sleeps the remainder of the game, and the BP does what it did again last night, IMHO not even a PAS appearance is guaranteed.

    1. We all know by now that Roberts just doesn’t get it when it comes to our pitchers. If I were managing this team I would force every starter to pitch 100 pitches at this point, then go to that miserable bull pen. Our starters are so much better than our relievers they could not possibly do any worse. Then there is our man Friedman, who I actually think is a smart GM. But he has not done anything about the bullpen woes, he seems to think they are going to “come around eventually”………I just don’t know how long is “eventually”……does anyone know that one?

      1. Eventually might not actually come around until after the 2019 PS and WS are concluded. That’s my guess. I saw that Ryu was pulled after 99 pitches through 6 innings. Wow, can you just imagine if Roberts attempted to do that with Drysdale, Koufax, Osteen, Sutton, Fernando to name a few? Ryu should have been allowed to go AT LEAST through 7 innings, but honestly bluz1st, with what Kelly and his side kick Floro did last night, the game was lost, but not just by them, but by an offense that is not doing what it was only a week or so ago. Dodgers core 3 by the end of 2nd inning and they put away the bats for the rest of this game.

  11. Please, please, please no Bumgarner. Never ever. I would surely stop going to Dodger games. The Dodgers made a mistake a long time ago by picking up a SF pitcher and paid for it terribly.

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