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Dodgers: Magic Johnson Seen With Former Dodger and Justin Turner in Hawaii

The first time I went to Hawaii, I ended up in the same elevator as former Miami Dolphin Louis Oliver, and later I met a lady who claimed her brother was Bill Fagerbakke, who played Dauber on Coach and was the voice of Patrick Star on SpongeBob SquarePants. The next time I went to Hawaii, we stayed at the same resort as James Marsden. So I know a thing or two about running into famous people in Hawaii.

As it turns out, that’s one of several things I have in common with Magic Johnson, who ran into a couple big-time ballplayers on his trip to Hawaii with his wife, Cookie.

Now, of course, there are a couple inaccuracies in Magic’s tweet. First of all, Justin Turner was never officially the Dodgers’ captain, and he’s not currently on the team at all. You could try to read some significance into one of the team’s owners calling him the captain, but you’d only do that if you were unfamiliar with Magic and his tweeting.

Oh, and the World Series MVP and former Dodger’s name is spelled wrong. If Corey Seager’s name was spelled “Seaver,” I’d blame autocorrect, because we’ve all had our phones change Seager to Seaver and make us look dumb. But this one looks like it’s just a misspelled name.

Presumably, JT and Corey are in Hawaii together (also, presumably, with Kourtney and Mady), which is heartwarming for Dodger fans as long as they’re not comparing notes about life after the Dodgers.

On a side note, JT probably feels short hanging out with Seager anyway, and then Magic shows up, too, to really rub it in.

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Jeff Snider

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