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Dodgers: Magic Johnson Wants a Ring For Clayton Kershaw

Dodgers fans would love nothing more than a World Series Championship. After all, it’s been close to 32 years since the Dodgers have been able to hoist the trophy at the end of the season. It certainly doesn’t help that they dropped back-to-back World Series in 2017 and 2018. It’s even worse considering they were cheated out of the 2017 one. 

Dodgers’ part-owner Magic Johnson understands the meaning of championships in Los Angeles. Teams like the Lakers, Kings, Sparks, and Galaxy have all won titles in LA in recent years. But more than anything, Magic wants to get it done for one guy specifically.   

I just want one for Kershaw. I just want a World Series ring for him. He deserves to have a championship ring. See, none of these guys understand like I do when you win in this town, and the parade is unbelievable. I just want to see Clayton ride on that float and experience what I’ve experienced five times as a player, and then another five times as an owner. 

There may not be a guy on the Dodgers’ roster more deserving of a World Series ring than Clayton Kershaw. He has played twelve magical seasons with Los Angeles, carrying the team for a decent part of those years. He has gone to the playoffs for nine of those twelve years, appearing in 32 games and making 25 starts. 

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Unfortunately, his career has been marred by a history of underperforming in the playoffs. It’s not often that you see a guy with three Cy Young Awards AND an MVP award with a 4.43 earned run average in a large sample size. But 2017 was supposed to be Kershaw’s year, and the Astros cheated him and the Dodgers out of that.

Now, with only two seasons left on his current contract, fans are realizing his days with the Dodgers might be numbered, He’s not that 21-year-old kid with a nasty curveball and mid-90’s fastball that we all fell in love with. He’s older, wiser, and maybe a few steps slower. The sun isn’t quite setting on his career, but it’s certainly closing in on that. Kershaw just turned 32 in March, and time may be running out to get him that ring in Los Angeles. 

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  1. Really? Who in this world has had more opportunities to win a ring than kershaw? How many players would give their right arm to have those opportunities. 32 games! He certainly doesnt ” deserve ” a ring.

  2. Well magic you had the luck of playing for best owner in sports but you didn’t learned anything from Dr.Buss.You keep thinking winning division titles is enough for not firing managers.Learn from the giants,they won 3 titles with way much less talent than Dodgers had for last 7 years.And giants didt it within 6 year.Fire friedman and Roberts you moron.

    1. Magic is just a name to get fans all excited back in 2013. He’s nothing on the Dodgers. This is Stan Kasten, Mark Walter, and Andrew Friedman’s team. We’re in bad hands

    2. Giants had some clutch post-season performers. We have 1…..1….and that was produced by Vandy (not the Dodgers.) The Dodgers system isn’t producing dominant post season performers. They are weak minded post season players. They might need to start looking for people that have more desire to win than these have. The organization loves collecting weak-minded talent. I don’t think they target competitive people that much. You need real competitors to win rings.

      1. It’s the same thing they’ve been doing since the 90’s. Different regimes same moves. They don’t go after the types of players you stated aside from maybe one or two sometimes on a team but you need many on a team.

    3. Dodger players are soft between the ears. Period. Maybe a different manager would help, but this organization is the king of trying the same thing that just failed (they love that.)

  3. Chokers deserve rings? Since when? He needs to perform, and stop using signs that can be easily stolen. He is not as smart as some think. Most Bible thumpers aren’t brilliant between the ears.

    1. Hahaha that is true but they are easy to use so I like them. But yes doesn’t work well in competitive sports

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