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Dodgers: Make Max Muncy The Final All-Star!

All-star selections for both leagues were announced today on ESPN. Matt Kemp was voted a starter, and Kenley Jansen was also selected. The Dodgers break-out star this year, Max Muncy is officially one of the players eligible for the final All-star vote. It’s easy to fall victim to the “homer” mentality and vote like crazy a player who may not deserve it. Max Muncy’s 2018 campaign isn’t one of those moments. Max Muncy’s numbers have been Ruth-ian. He deserves to be there on those merits alone.

1st in OPS

1st in SLG

2nd in OBP

3rd in HR

I don’t need to spell it out for Dodger fans that he DESERVES to be there. His numbers I just laid out make it painfully obvious.

Send Max Muncy To The All-Star Game!


I’ll make this clear and obvious: Dodger Nation, we need to vote Max Muncy over the next two days with every available moment we have! The Dodgers are partnered with the Yankees for the vote. We send Max Muncy to the ASG, we also send Giancarlo Stanton.

The final vote will run all the way until Wednesday until 1 PM Pacific Time. If ever there were a time to vote, now would be it. Dodgers fans have come through before, voting in Justin Turner last year in the final vote with record numbers. We did it once, why not again? Please, go vote asap!


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