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Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts Talks Bellinger-Mania & Home Run Rise

Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts provides a good interview. While coming off as well-polished and likable, he just seems to be a good guy to talk baseball and life with.

Roberts joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss a number of topics including Cody Bellinger’s recent run-ins with fans, the rise in home runs in the MLB this season, and more. The Dodgers’ skipper even gave a short scouting report of how he would tell his pitchers to game plan against his son Cole, a recent San Diego Padres draftee.

Therefore, you can hear the whole interview in this clip below.

Courtesy of AT&T AUDIENCE Network.

First, Roberts spoke about the recent fan run-ons that Bellinger has dealt with multiple times within a week. Not surprisingly, Roberts showed valid concern for all players in general.

“It’s innocent right now, but with where we’re at right now; it can turn in a different direction. At first look, you have to be really cautious and really mindful of where we’re at in society.”

Without question, we’re now into the ‘Summer of Bellinger’. While Patrick acknowledges this during the interview, he asks that at this point; does Roberts just kind of let the youngster be without offering much advice?

“I think for me it’s just continue to do what you’ve been doing. You see guys now pitching around him, and a couple of weeks ago I saw the frustration. That bleeds into over-aggressiveness into the next at-bats. You have to understand the tactical part of the game and not let that get to you. And if he does that he’s going to be fine.”

Finally, Patrick asks Roberts why home runs are up in 2019. The manager alludes to the fact that the baseballs are part of the issue, and then delivered a full answer.

“I know where you want me to go with this. I’m going to give you my honest answer, I think the baseballs are, yeah. I don’t want to discount the players because they’re bigger, stronger, and faster than they have ever been. Layer that along with the baseballs and it’s going to lead to bigger numbers as well.”

Not long after that, Roberts gives an interesting couple sentences on what he’s heard both hitters and pitchers say about how the baseball is playing different this season, physically.

All-in-all, a good wholesome baseball conversation between Patrick and Roberts.

The Dan Patrick Show airs daily at 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET on AT&T AUDIENCE Network.

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