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Dodgers: Manny Ramirez Looks to Make a Comeback in a Familiar Place

When Manny Ramirez came to the Dodgers in the summer of 2008, Los Angeles had only been to the playoffs twice in the past eleven seasons. As a matter of fact, the Dodgers only had one playoff win in that span. So to say that they were looking for a jolt to their lineup would be an understatement. 

Enter Mannywood. After spending eight seasons in Boston playing for the Red Sox, Manny was flipped to the Dodgers in a three-way deal that also featured the Pittsburgh Pirates. Boston got Jason Bay and a minor leaguer, the Pirates got Andy LaRoche and prospects, and Los Angeles got their man.

The rest is history, as the Dodgers would go on to finish the 2008 season with an 84-78 record and lost in the Championship series to the Cubs. They would go to the Championship series again the following year, falling to the Phillies once again. After Ramirez was traded from Los Angeles in 2010, he would bounce all around the league before landing in the Japanese league in 2017.

And now, three years removed from his last game, and at nearly 48-years-old, Ramirez is once again looking to make a return to baseball. It’s not the Dodgers or even MLB, but he is looking to return in Taiwan.

If Ramirez is able to make his comeback, it would be interesting to see what capacity that would be in. Is it possible for Mannywood to return to baseball in 2020? We’ll see! 

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