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Dodgers: Mariners Fans Joy is Something Dave Roberts Wishes More Dodger Fans Had

The Dodgers are closing in on the postseason and thanks to the hype built up all season long the Dodgers have no choice but to win it all. With the accolades continuing to mount up, the pressure remains at an all time high with the notion of “championship or bust” looming throughout the organization.

Unlike the Dodgers, the Mariners made the playoffs for the first time in 21 years causing a frenzy that rang through Chaves Ravine as fans were overjoyed. The Mariners don’t have championship aspirations like the Dodgers, which allows fans to just be happy and soak in the moment that hasn’t been seen in over two decades. 

When you are part of a sports mecca like Los Angeles, championships are the only thing that matters. According to Dave Roberts, Dodgers fans could take more time to enjoy the little things rather than looking at the bigger picture.

“Unfortunately, the world has gone very cynical, which is sad. … Are certain fans, not all, jaded? Absolutely. And [they] don’t realize what it takes, what this team, in particular, has had to overcome, to get to this point.”

Living in the LA spotlight comes with its highs and lows. Fans appreciate greatness at a very high level causing more pressure for sports teams but also knowing getting to the top becomes that much sweeter.

“The sense of gratitude and joy is many times lost in our society, and certainly in sports, it’s at the forefront. I wish they certainly would enjoy the ride and know and appreciate what we do, regardless of ultimately if we’re the last team standing.”

You want to sympathize for Roberts, but winning really is all that matters in LA. In all cities you will find fans only along for the ride once they reach the postseason, but there are also much more diehard fans in such a populated city.

Making the playoffs is simply not enough, especially with how great the Dodgers have been all season long. No World Series would simply be a major disappointment. 

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  1. This from the guy who guaranteed the Dodgers would win this year. What did he expect?

  2. I realize that I am in the minority, but even though Freddie Freeman (and most everyone else on the planet) agree that the World Series is what “it is all about”, I do not understand why six months of earning the status of being the best team in the world is disappointing if that same team does not win a three week tournament.

  3. If DR suddenly doesn’t think that winning is important, or that Dodger fans are somehow villains for wanting to win with the best talent in baseball, perhaps he should seek alternative employment somewhere else.

  4. I agree with him. Of course you want the trophy, but there are so many things that can happen that stop you from winning (cheating, for example). And you need to enjoy of the road to make the championship celebration meaningful. Every team can be a champion, so you need to make this run special. You need to deserve to win to be a true winner. And to deserve that, you need to achieve some goals that you should celebrate. Be the champion must be the north that will guide you through a run of joy, emotion, effort and evolution. Because if the championship is the only thing that matters, winning through cheating is an option (and I don’t think so, for lack of meaning).

    And one more thing. I’m from Brazil. My team (which I’m not rooting for now) in Brazil won the National Championship last year, but I couldn’t celebrate because my team’s coach was convicted of rape (in Switzerland, 1987, while he was a player). Seeing him celebrate was painful. And my team hired Robinho in 2016 (he played here until 2017). He was being prosecuted in Italy for rape (was convicted). So I’m mad at the team. It’s a team that tries to sign players accused of domestic violence, a team that fans chant homophobic chants, and there’s a billionaire who hires some players for the team that has its business associated with slavery. So I don’t want championships, I want my team back. It’s very important to me to see the Dodgers re-sign Andrew Toles, to see players like JT and Kershaw, to see how the team handled the Trevor Bauer situation. So, I agree with Dr. And it’s better to celebrate 110+ days than just 1.

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