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Dodgers: Matt Beaty and Edwin Rios Have An Unusual Way of Keeping Sharp

There are plenty of players in the MLB who do not have any sort of access to training facilities to stay sharp during this pandemic. The Dodgers’ Matt Beaty is one of those guys. He spoke with am570’s David Vassegh to talk through the last couple of weeks and the coming months. 

Beaty is still in Phoenix living in an apartment with his wife Jesica along with Edwin Rios and his wife. And since the two couples are in an apartment, Beaty and Rios have had to make do with their limited options to stay sharp. Apparently, things have gotten a little weird. 

We don’t have a lot of room to throw BP or put up a net or anything like that. But we actually at the grocery store, bought some dried pinto beans and we’re gonna work on our hand-eye coordination and throw beans at each other. 

To the casual baseball fan, this might sound incredibly strange. But players throwing sunflower seeds at each other is not unheard of at any level of baseball, so pinto beans isn’t much of a change. The two Dodgers are doing whatever it takes to stay mentally sharp, even if they don’t get to hit baseballs. 

In regards to the reported new plan that MLB is chasing after in Arizona, Beaty just wants to play. But he also understands that it needs to be under the right circumstances. 

We want to play…first thing is the safety of everybody that going to be involved in it….There’s a lot of things that need to be answered. If the requirements are met, we want to play.

Player reactions from around the league have started to pour in over the last couple of days, including a few Dodgers at this point. Justin Turner chimed in on Wednesday, and Alex Wood had plenty to say as soon as the news broke. As of now, it does feel like the league is fairly split on the issue. 

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