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Dodgers News: Mattingly Interviewing With Marlins

That was fast.

Don Mattingly had mentioned previously he might take a year off, but’s Joe Frisario reported today an immediate return to baseball might be more likely.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Miami Marlins dealt with each other as much as any two franchises in the sport last season and a couple former Dodgers are already waiting for their former manager in Miami – Dee Gordon and Dan Haren, though the latter is a free agent this winter.

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Mattingly’s resume is pretty impressive and while it obviously didn’t work out in Los Angeles, it wouldn’t be particularly tough for any organization to sell him to their fan base. His .553 regular season record is fairly impressive and while the lack of playoff success might alarm some, just wait for a few “we learned this and will tweak that” quotes to calm those worries.

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  1. Hello?! Mcfly!? Hello?! Fire the volunteers and bring back the writers who know the game for christs sake! Haran was traded to Chicago in mid season. Ain’t going to be a reunion with DM. And speaking of DM. Mentioned taking time off where? I mean you can’t make up your own news son!

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