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Dodgers: Max Muncy Credits Father For Being A Big League Player

Before he was the guy who said to ‘go get that ball out of the ocean’, and before he was a rookie who slugged 35-home runs; Max Muncy was Lee Muncy’s son. Now, Muncy is opening up in the wake of Father’s Day weekend to talk about the impact his dad has had on his big league career.

In fact, Muncy states in an article with that he credits his dad with him being a big league player at all.

Surely, some of you have heard the story of the cast away version of Muncy. Indeed, he thought about giving up baseball altogether before he was a Los Angeles Dodgers player. However, that version of the story has often been told on the air during the game. Here’s the version that comes straight from Muncy himself.

“When I was released from baseball for a couple months, he was the one that got me back on my feet, reminding me how much I love the game. So, really I owe my entire career to him and without him I wouldn’t be here. He’s staying with me right now and I get to spend time with him and there’s nothing better than that.”

It’s a great story – one of baseball’s better rags-to-riches stories. After all, Muncy once had a homemade mural dedicated to him in Los Angeles. Yes, I have to point that out in most Muncy posts, it’s nothing short of incredible and random.

At the current time, Muncy has an OPS north of .900 for the second straight season. He’s an offensive force to be reckoned with, appearing as a fixture in the Dodger lineup. While times are good, it’s great to hear from Muncy that his father is responsible for the excitement we are enjoying each day.

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