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Dodgers: Max Muncy Discusses His Impact on LA’s NLCS Loss to Atlanta Braves

The Dodgers were missing a crucial left-handed bat for their unsuccessful title defense in 2021. Max Muncy tore his UCL during the last regular season game of the season and had to sit out the entire playoffs. 

Muncy had a front row seat to the Dodgers losing the 2021 NLCS (4-2) to the Braves. On an appearance on the Bleed Los Podcast, the slugger wouldn’t commit to the idea that LA would’ve won the series if he was healthy.

“Things would have happened so different[ly], I can’t give you a definite answer on that. I know things would have been different. Whether or not we would’ve won, all you can do is speculate on that.”

Muncy didn’t short-change the Braves at all and noted how they peaked in October.

“The Braves were hot, they had things going right. They had players playing out of their minds. They were the best team in the playoffs and that’s what it comes down to. We say it every year. It doesn’t matter who the best team actually is, it just matters who plays best at that time.”

It is impossible to know if a healthy Muncy would’ve changed the outcome of the NLCS for the Dodgers. That being said, it’s exceedingly rare that adding an All-Star and a player who finished in the top-ten in MVP voting makes a team worse.

In 2021, Muncy led the team in home runs and RBI. He also posted the second highest OPS of his career (.895).

According to Muncy, his elbow is progressing well and he’ll be swinging a bat “pretty soon”. He also added that “things are looking real good” in terms of his recovery.

Whenever Opening Day happens, it sounds like there’s a chance that Muncy will be ready to take the field for the Dodgers. 

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