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Dodgers’ Max Muncy Impresses in Home Run Derby

On Monday night, Max Muncy became the ninth Dodger to ever compete in the Home Run Derby. Sadly, he wasn’t the first Dodgers player to win the Derby. Muncy advanced to the second round, but ultimately fell to the hometown hero, Bryce Harper.

Round One

In the first round, Muncy squared off against Javier Baez of the Chicago Cubs. Baez, the No. 6 seed, hit first. Finishing with an impressive 16 home runs, it appeared Mad Max was up for a challenge right away. Muncy, who has faced adversity his whole career, stepped up to the plate.

Muncy would finish the round with 17, eliminating Baez and advancing to the second round. It’s shame he didn’t go first, because with 30 seconds left, there’s a strong chance he could have topped 20 homers in the first round.

When Max took his break around the two minute mark, it appeared as if he wouldn’t reach 16. His pace-meter as at 15, and he had slowed down drastically since hit quick hot start. As he’s done all season, he wowed and shocked us, ultimately hitting the needed 17 to advance.

Round Two:

In the second round, Muncy faced off against hometown favorite, Bryce Harper. Muncy looked like he was riding the momentum of the first round, hitting five in the first minute. At the two minute mark. Muncy found himself at seven, just about where he was after the first round when he took his first break. At the one minute mark, Muncy found himself with 11. It appeared as if Muncy ran out of gas, hitting one over the final minute to finish with 12.

Bryce Harper looked slow out of the gate. He had four with just over two minutes left, but then he caught fire. Harper got in a groove, and ended up finishing with 13, leaving a minute on the clock.


Though he didn’t come out on top, we’re all very proud of Max Muncy. From where he started at the beginning of the season, participating in the Derby is an accomplishment in itself. He was able to hit 29 home runs and advance to the second round. Hopefully Muncy can maintain his hot bat and help lead the Dodgers to yet another NL west title!

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