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Dodgers: Max Muncy Passes Time in the Bubble in the Best Way Possible

With the current state of the country amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Major League Baseball opted to form a bubble for the postseason games to end the 2020 season. It was a curious choice, considering that they played out the regular season with each team playing in their home market besides the Blue Jays, who temporarily took residence in Buffalo, NY.

We have already seen what a successful bubble looks like thanks to the NBA, but baseball has gone in a different direction entirely. Instead of one host city and venue, the MLB postseason has been played across both Southern California and Texas alike. This transition has taken some getting used to, and we’re finally getting some reports on what the experience has been like for the players and coaches.

Below are a few comments made by both Dave Roberts and Max Muncy on their experiences so far within the MLB bubble.

Dave Roberts

On team accommodations:

We’re sharing the same space [as the Braves], yes. It’s the same as we did last series with the Padres.

On what the team is able to do within the bubble:

We’re hanging out. There’s activities for both clubs seperately. Whether it’s ping pong, ski ball, or air hockey… Guys are outside. There’s a basketball hoop out there.. Guys are spending a lot of time with their families, so that’s been good too.

Max Muncy

On family in attendance at their games:

My family lives actually in Dallas, so my parents got to come to all three games for the NLDS and it was a lot of fun seeing them up there. [I] still couldn’t see them [face to face], which was unfortunate. You know it’s been a long time. But it was fun just kind of seeing them up there, they were really happy about it… They should be coming to every game this series, and I know they’re gonna be really excited about that too.

On visitor restrictions within the bubble:

Yeah, we’re not allowed to get anywhere close to them really. The closest we’re allowed is they can be is where they’re 15 rows up in the stands and we can yell at each other. I think that’s the closest they’ll allow us to get.

On passing the time in the bubble:

You know, you’re stuck in the hotel. You’ve got to find ways to pass the time. Me and my wife we look at a lot of videos of our dog since the dogs not allowed to be with us. It’s unfortunate, but we watch a lot of videos of our dog and of our cat, we watch tv shows. You just have to find ways to pass the time. It’s been difficult, but it’s been even more difficult on all of our wives and families that are here with us. It’s tough for them because they’re stuck in the rooms. There’s not really much they can do, but thankfully they get to come to these games.

Final Thoughts

Players for all of the teams inside the bubbles were incredibly grateful that they were able to bring their families along, but it’s been understated how difficult the process has been on them. While the athletes are able to leave the hotel for practices and training, the wives and kids don’t have that same luxury.

I’m sure that they are more than happy to deal with the limitations if it means being able to spend time as a family again, as we’ve seen with various Dodgers and their kids, but that doesn’t take away from the amazing commitment that they are all making. The fact that they are able to attend games is the very least that they deserve to be compensated with after a wild last few months with so many limitations.

As much as I’m sure the players want to go back to their regular routines, I’m absolutely positive that they would much rather put up with these restrictions for two more weeks instead of just one. The hope is for the Dodgers to win it all this year, and what a sweet feeling it would be if their reward for making it through isolation was a World Series title.

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