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Dodgers: Max Muncy Reflects on the MVP Chants For Him at Dodger Stadium

Wednesday night was another good reminder of what Max Muncy means to this Dodgers team. It was also another good reminder that he is undoubtedly a legitimate candidate to take home the National League Most Valuable Player. 

Muncy blasted 2 homeruns in the Dodgers win over the Pirates last night. He drove in 5 of the 9 runs and appeared locked in the entire night. But that’s also something that he’s demonstrated for the better part of the 2021 season.

After his second homerun of the night, the MVP chants started to rain down from the Dodgers faithful. Those chants continued for the rest of the night every time Max stepped into the batter’s box. When asked after the game about what those MVP chants mean to him, Muncy had a big smile. 

That’s probably one of the cooler moments that I’ve ever had in my career. It was kind of wild, I had to hold back a smile while I was in the batter’s box. But the most important thing to me is winning, getting the team back to the playoffs, and helping us win another World Series. If any awards come from it, that’s awesome. But that’s really all I care about, that’s all I’ve ever cared about since being here with the Dodgers. 

Dodgers fans are obviously familiar with Muncy’s story and how close he came to being out of baseball entirely. And look at him now, getting MVP chants at Dodger Stadium and being completely deserving of them. 

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It’s going to be a tight race for the National League MVP, especially with Fernando Tatis Jr tearing up the league when healthy. But for the moment, Muncy is in the top 3 according to the Vegas odds. It could happen. 

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  1. Muncy has truly established himself as one of the top players in baseball, never goes off that 35 homer pace, high OB%, clutch, always hustling, excellent defensively, great personality, he’s just the complete package.

  2. Max has clearly been the Dodger MVP this season and it has been great to see him bounce back so completely from last year. Unfortunately, on a team of “stars” he gets overlooked, especially by those outside of Dodgerland, which is a shame because he won’t win the MVP award although without him the Dodgers would not be as close to overtaking the Giants as they are. I look forward to him going crazy during the WS and winning a game or two just by himself. Thanks, Farhan!

  3. Muncy the NL MVP? It’ll never happen. He doesn’t go around pounding his chest and drawing attention to himself. He doesn’t make promos for MLB extolling the virtues of his hotdog attitude like Tatis. He minds his own business and plays the game. The East Coast Media decide who wins these things by virtue of the way they promote individual players, and Muncy isn’t anywhere near the top of their list. He should be the MVP, but he won’t be. If he played for the Mets, he’s be a lock.

    1. Sad but true The East Coast bias is SO OBVIOUS to all except those…..back east. But MLB in of itself is biased against the Dodgers anyway and that’s obvious from that spineless inept Comissioner Manfred, the WORST of all time and space!

    2. Because he doesn’t go around pounding his chest and keeps to himselft that’s the excuse he won’t be MVP? Fans are chanting MVP for Max Muncy at Dodger Stadium the same way players like Freedman, deGrom, Ohtani are at their stadiums. He’s not the only one! So doesn’t make him MVP. East Coast wins, then how about Cody Bellinger in 2019?

  4. Thank God for Muncy because any lineup that has Bellinger and Lux in it definitely needs someone up top to rely on. Lux is no better than minor league material and Bellinger should be used for defensive and pinch running purposes only as he exceeds at both but is useless at the plate.

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