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Dodgers: Max Muncy Reveals That He Actually Likes Playing Third Base Now

The Los Angeles Dodgers consist of players who are more than willing to play multiple positions on the diamond. Utility All-Star Chirs Taylor is one of a handful of players who excel at any position the Dodgers put him in. Mookie Betts is more than capable of playing second base, and Max Muncy can and has played multiple places in the infield for LA.

Muncy plays first, second, and third base for the Boys in Blue. Before the arrival of Freddie Freeman, Muncy was LA’s lone first baseman, but since then, he’s bounced around from second to third base.

With Miguel Vargas projected to play in second base, the lefty slugger will spend most of his time at third base and says he feels a lot more comfortable at the six spot than when he first started.

“I felt like I performed very well at third last year. Our internal metrics were very good for me, and I did start feeling comfortable just because I was playing it so much.”
“Third base is the position I’ve always said you need to play it consistently to feel comfortable over there. When I was bouncing around and I’d play there once every week or two weeks, I felt like it was a very hard position to play. But when I started playing it every day, I got more comfortable and felt like it got a lot easier for me.”
“It’s a position I’ve grown to like after playing it so much last year.”

Muncy spent 84 games at third base while starting 80 games, tallying 713 innings. The 32-year-old had 161 assists, ten errors, and 25 double plays turned while having a fielding percentage of 95.5%.

The two-time All-Star could still bounce around in the infield, but he will be the primary third baseman for the Boys in Blue.

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