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Dodgers: Max Muncy Robbed of Rematch with Bumgarner

Giants manager Bruce Bochy announced late Friday night that Madison Bumgarner would not pitch in Sunday’s season finale against the Dodgers, effectively ending Bumgarner’s season.

This means that the Dodgers, and Max Muncy, will not get a follow-up to Muncy and Bumgarner’s famous confrontation from June. Mad Max sent a moonshot out of the ballpark and into McCovey cove, prompting MadBum to lash out at the young Dodgers slugger about admiring his home run, which in turn caused Muncy to tell Bumgarner “go get it out of the ocean.” Truly a moment that Dodger fans won’t forget any time soon.

In addition to ending Bumgarner’s season, this may also mark the end of his time in San Francisco, as he was heavily involved in trade rumors throughout 2019 and at the trade deadline. The Giants are going into a full rebuild and going all in on the future, one that probably doesn’t include the four-time All-Star and three-time World Series champion.

The Giants have yet to announce their starter for Sunday, although it may be irrelevant considering the Dodgers are currently in cruise control ahead of the NLDS while San Francisco is 27 games behind.


  1. This is a surprise to me because on many previous occasions Bochy adjusted his starting rotation so that in most series played against Dodgers that Bum would start one of those games.

    1. AZUL, I think we have seen the last of Mad Bum in a Giants uniform. Hope all is well with you and PD Jr., and that your record collection is growing by leaps and bounds. Go Blue!!!

      1. BLUE LOU! How ya be? Hopefully Mrs. Lou is still cooking the good stuff for you and family. I am not quite sure Mad Bum won’t re-sign with Giants but I get the feeling that if he signs with another team, it will be a team that faces Dodgers throughout the year. As far as my record collection, I got a few limited edition SUMMER OF ’69 Peace, Love and Music LP editions on colored vinyl. My favorite one of those is Crosby Stills &Nash’s debut LP on a real neat burgundy colored vinyl! But I am running out of room for any more growing of the collection.

  2. Mere speculation….of course….but perhaps Bumgarner did not want to risk losing what may be his last game as a Giant pitching against our Dodgers. Unfortunate for Bochy, his last game as (an admittedly deserving Hall of Fame) Manager may likely be a bust. Regardless, we have won the series. And, I did not have to listen to too much of the absurd (at this point in the season) “Beat LA!” chant. Now on to what really matters….post season Dodgers!

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