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Dodgers: Max Muncy Talks About Getting Thrown Out of Wednesday’s Game

The Dodgers didn’t have the best night on Wednesday, especially with the officiating. Home plate umpire Mark Ripperger got fed up with Los Angeles criticizing his strike zone and tossed three guys in the span of just a few minutes. 

Max Muncy was one of those guys that was ejected by Ripperger. In the 6th inning, Muncy took a few balls that appeared to be down in the zone, at least on television. Hitting coach Rob Van Scoyoc voiced his displeasure from the Dodgers dugout and was thrown out immediately. Dave Roberts came out to argue and was also immediately tossed. A few pitches later, Max struck out and had a few words that took him out of the game. 

Muncy made an appearance with am570’s David Vassegh to talk about the exchange between the Dodgers and Ripperger. Apparently, he didn’t mean any of the words that got him removed from the game to be directed towards the umpires. 

I was kind of surprised I got thrown out because I didn’t even really say anything to him. But I also wasn’t surprised because he was having a little bit of a rough inning there and as you can tell he was kind of going off on one…

To say that Ripperger was having a tough night behind the plate would be an understatement. It seemed like his strike zone was all over the place, but at least he was consistent with both the Dodgers and Mariners. Muncy talked about why he was so frustrated after being tossed, immediately getting into the face of the umpire.

That was my first career ejection in the big leagues and I kind of wish I had a cool story about it. But like I said, I didn’t even say anything to him. The only thing I said, which I’m not going to repeat it, was I was pissed at myself for striking out again. And it was nothing towards him, it had nothing to do with him and apparently he just didn’t like me talking at all I guess. 

Max is usually a pretty quiet guy who generally settles things on the field. But in a season where he has struggled to a .168/.292/.379 slash line, ever blown call is highlighted a little more. The Dodgers went on to win Thursday night’s game, splitting the series in Seattle. 

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  1. I don’t really care about Muncy getting tossed out of a game. Let’s face it, he’s not producing much right now anyway. Maybe it will shake things up for him, and help get him on track. I just want see him get back in form, and start hitting the ball.

    Muncy has been one of my favorites since he came to the Dodgers. He’s a blue collar guy that has exceeded everybody’ s expectations. Along with Bellinger, he needs to get it going.

  2. I am an older baseball fan and while I understand many do not want or like change it’s inevitable with everything.
    The DH in both leagues is a good start. The 3 man rule and hopefully putting a clock between pitches.
    Anything to speed the game up.Batting averages are down again this year.
    I want an automated strike zone. These umpires are erratic. Each has his Zone. There should only be one strike zone the one laid out in the rule book.
    As this article states the umpire was all over the place and not consistent. Very frustrating when u can see an important pitch is called incorrectly.

  3. The main thing is and I have asked before about this but no answers yet. Does anyone check on these so-called umpires? Like an umpire committee. Review the games to see if they’re making the right calls and consistently? The umps are supposed to be Human right? So why don’t they apologize when they are wrong, not about the balls and strikes but when they assume they heard something but it was something else or not to them? Muncy was mumbling to himself when he was ejected and he wasn’t even looking at the umpire. There have been a lot of bad calls on balls and strikes so I say bring on the machines.

  4. I an old school! I still like real umps however, they need to set up right behind the plate, not on the sides. They can’t possibly see the other side equally the way they set up! Bring back the big chest protectors to make them feel safe!

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