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Dodgers: Max Muncy Tells What He Misses Most About Baseball And More

After all of this time in quarantine, we finally get to hear from Max Muncy. The Dodgers’ first baseman has been relatively quiet during this stoppage of baseball and has rarely been seen anywhere in the media. 

Muncy changed that this week by making an appearance on SportsNet LA with John Hartung. When asked about what he misses most about baseball, Muncy gave a great fan perspective. 

Just being out on the field…When you’re out there on the field and the all fans are in the stands, it’s a pretty unique feeling. Just being able to look around the stadium, whether it’s Dodger Stadium or anywhere else, just standing out there looking around seeing everyone there enjoying the game. Ya know, eating hot dogs, drinking beer…see your teammates and everything, it’s just everything you describe it as, you miss all of that. 

Beer and hot dogs? A man truly after my own heart. Muncy had a breakout year with the Dodgers in 2018, earning MVP votes in each of the past two seasons in Los Angeles. That performance earned Muncy a three-year, $26 million extension this past February. 

With the shut down of baseball, Muncy also knows that it slows down what everyone was hoping would be a huge season for the Dodgers. 

Going into spring this year, the whole team was extremely hungry and extremely eager to get going…We added the pieces that we added. So, everyone was super excited going into spring, and we were ready to get it going. 

Dodgers fans certainly in Muncy in that sentiment that we were all very excited to see what this talented team could do in 2020. For now though, we all wait for the world to figure things out. 

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