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Dodgers Max Muncy Throwing Amazing Bat Giveaway on Instagram

The Dodgers Max Muncy has come a long way from a player who was let go by the Oakland Athletics. Casted away like a never-will-be until the Dodgers front office found him and gave him an opportunity in 2017.

Dodger fans were wondering what to make of this guy. Muncy’s coach at Baylor talked about what pro scouts used to say about his defense:

“The guy said ‘Put him as far away from the ball as you can.’ He had a bit of a reputation.”

Well now, you have Max Muncy coming off a season where he played the 2019 All-Star game at second base along with hitting 35 home runs and almost reaching 100 RBIs. Add that to the 2018 World Series walk-off home run and you can sure believe Dodger fans have fully embraced the funky Muncy.

To show his thanks, Max Muncy has partnered with his bat maker to give away some sweet prizes.

Let us know what your favorite Max Muncy moment is below in the comments and don’t forget to add us on IG as well @OfficialDodgersNation

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  1. Not really concerned about this. Yeah, the Dodgers got one of the best records in baseball this year, but I have a feeling that they will not get the title they all want. GO BRAVES ?

  2. Favorite Muncy moment is his homer off Madbum and comment “Go get it out of the Ocean” i even bought the t-shirt.

  3. Of course his home run “get it out of the ocean”, but I am truly amazed watching his many unbelievable defense moves. I love his team spirit and work ethic.

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