Dodgers: Max Muncy Unsure About Home Run Derby Participation

The 2021 All-Star Game is just under two weeks away. The Dodgers have five players among the finalists in their respective positions. Earlier this week, Chris Taylor expressed how humbling it felt to receive the recognition. And now Max Muncy is sharing that sentiment.

The slugger mentioned how much it means to him to be one of the leading vote-getters for the mid-summer classic, especially considering the journey his career has taken. 

“It means a lot. It’s one of those things where it just – the way my career has gone, it’s always a blessing to see how far I’ve come and it means a lot to me to see I’m getting some recognition and for the other guys on this team. We have one of the largest fan bases in the world – we should all be right there at the top so for the Dodger fans, maybe get out there and get all of our guys to the All-Star Game.”

And far he has come. From once a forgotten and just about failed big leaguer to a now World Series Champion and could be two-time All-Star. Before signing with the Dodgers, Muncy is the guy you would want nowhere near the plate in a big moment. Now, he has transformed himself into one of the game’s greatest hitters.

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Mad Max has hammered 82 home runs for the Dodgers over the past 3 seasons and leads the team in home runs so far this year with 16.  So, it’s a fair thought to wonder if he would consider participating in this year’s Home Run Derby which is already set to feature sluggers like Shohei Ohtani, Pete Alonso, and Trey Mancini. 

Well, Muncy somewhat answered the question during a pregame press conference on Tuesday.

“I’m not sure. I’ve been dealing with some injuries so it’s be one of those things where I’d have to see how I’m feeling during that time, but if I don’t make the All-Star Game, that’s a for sure not going to be doing the Home Run Derby.”

It would be wise for him to take the time to heal from any unhealed wounds or prevent any unnecessary ones. Los Angeles still has half a season to go and with the competition in the division doing better than expected, having Muncy in the lineup would only help their chances of success. 

He could also very well participate next year when the All-Star Game is scheduled to be back in Los Angeles.

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  1. I hope that Muncy, and any other Dodger, present, or future, will not enter the home run derby. I think it messes things up to try to jack every pitch out of the park, and could cause problems afterwards. Just keep swinging the bat smoothly, and let the home runs happen naturally from good hard contact. Muncy in particular has the best eye in baseball. He never chases bad pitches. We don’t want that to change either.

  2. I hope Max refuses to have anything to do with the all star farce and HR derby. Boycott the All star game – Manfred screwed this up as well

    • Agree completely. When Manfred stole the all star game out from under Atlanta for legislating verifiable and accountable elections, the all star game ceased to exist for me. It’s important to give credit to the top players. But the actual all star game means less than nothing to me now.

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