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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Borrows Albert Pujols’ Gloves to Try and Break His Hitless Streak

Sometimes the best thing that a player can do in the middle of a bad slump is to change things up. We’ve seen Dodgers players over the years make some pretty drastic adjustments, including entirely changing pregame routines to shake off the bad luck. 

Max Scherzer is trying a different approach. The Dodgers pitcher was hitless in 52 at-bats heading into Saturday’s game against the Reds. So instead of trying the same methods, Max went with an approach that has grown in popularity with the team. 

Dodgers players have taken to borrowing the bat of Albert Pujols for some good luck, and it’s worked out on several occasions the past week. But Scherzer was spotted on the broadcast using his batting gloves, not his bat. 

Unfortunately for Scherzer, it didn’t quite work out for him. The Dodgers starter almost snuck a bouncing ball back up the middle, but Jonathan India made a nice play to get him at first base. So Scherzer is now hitless in 55 at-bats this year. 

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But you can bet the Dodgers will continue to turn to Pujols for good luck. Let’s hope that Scherzer’s first hit of the year comes during the playoffs at the right time. 

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  1. I don’t care if Scherzer ever gets a hit. If he did he’d probably get hurt out on the bases. In fact they out to do like in little league with an over matched hitter. Have a coach stand in the box with him to pull him out of the way so he can’t get hit. Have the umpires call all 3 pitches strikes no matter where they are and then have the coach gently lead Scherzer back to the dugout.
    If Dodgers don’t have Scherzer to pitch WC game they are really screwed

  2. I’m thinking that Big Dodger in the Sky is waiting to allow Max a hit in his biggers at-bat of the year.

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