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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Brings a Fan to Tears With His Incredible Kindness

There’s just something about Max Sherzer that makes it seem like he was meant to be part of the Dodgers organization. From his work ethic to his demeanor in the clubhouse with the other guys, he just seems to fit in so well. 

And if they didn’t already love him before, Dodgers fans are really going to love him after this. This weekend in Arizona, Scherzer took the time to make a fan’s day out in the desert. The clip has been making its way all across the internet over the last couple of days. 

But we have to warn you, it’s bound to bring a few happy tears. A young Dodgers fan gets a signature and a high five from the ace, and you can tell how much it meant to the kid. What a moment

Dodgers fans absolutely love to see this sort of thing from their stars. Getting to watch them make connections with their fans like this is something that will last a lifetime. No matter where Scherzer’s career takes him after Los Angeles, he will always have at least 1 fan. 

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But while he is with the Dodgers, Scherzer is absolutely dealing. He has pitched to a 1.43 earned run average since being traded to Los Angeles and struck out 85 across 63 innings of work. He also lines up to pitch the biggest game of the season, whether that be game 163 or the Wild Card Game. 

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  1. Scherzer actually smiled! He’s so intense when playing. Nobody talks to him. Now Freidman needs to sign him for 3 years.

  2. Max “Competitor” Scherzer (31) is Awesome!
    Thank you for making that little boy day! He will never forget it for the rest of his life!

  3. I’m impressed with Max and that proves he has a heart . I have tickets to the last two games this weekend. Last time I was at Dodger stadium was 50+ years ago!
    Go Blue! Giants SUCK!

  4. Max is a kind person as well as having a great sense of humor. You just can’t mess with him on the day that he pitches, as he is an intense competitor, and you gotta love that.

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