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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Looking Forward to Getting His Chance Against the Hated Astros

This is a big week for the Dodgers and their fanbase. Not only will they finally get to see Max Scherzer in action, but they also face off against the Astros in a 2-game series. Given the history between the 2 teams, it should be a very exciting week. 

Houston comes to town to play in front of Dodgers fans, and you can be sure they won’t be in for a kind welcoming. Fans in Los Angeles crowded the streets around Vin Scully Avenue last year to let the Astros know how they felt even if fans couldn’t get into games. 

With this being Scherzer’s first Dodgers game AND his first taste of the bitter rivalry between the 2 teams, it sounds like he’s excited about the opportunity. Max spoke with SportsNet LA’s Kirsten Watson about the start before Sunday’s game. 

I mean we all know the history. For me, for that to be my first experience here, that’s going to be nuts. I don’t even know what that atmosphere is going to be like. So it’s going to be crazy, this whole experience is crazy being traded midseason. So enjoy it, keep a smile on your face, and go out and compete and try to get a win. 

For Dodgers fans, it could not have lined up any better for a team that they hate so much. Scherzer goes on Wednesday and they also have Walker Buehler going on Tuesday to start the series. Getting 2 of your best arms in the mini-series is more than ideal. 

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Scherzer might not feel the same hate that Dodgers fans do, but he’s going to find out very quickly how bad it is. 

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  1. I would guess that most fans hate Manfred, ya know that failed Commisioner as much as there’s hate for those cheaters, who by the way because of Manfred, got away with murder.

  2. I still hate the Astros more than Manfred because they are ones the “”got away with it” and keep acting like the rest of us should just let it go. Ain’t gonna ever “let it go.” Would love to see Scherzer plug Correa but not at the risk of any sort of suspension.

      1. And Manfred would be quick to suspend any Dodger pitcher who even threw too close to a Astro hitter, without hitting him at all. Like he did with Kelley last year. I don’t hate anyone, but the Astros and Manfred rank right at the bottom of the list for credibility and integrity. Neither have any

  3. I know this article isn’t about Urias, but I’m going to talk about him anyway. With an ERA of 3.40, you might be tempted to say that’s OK, but not great. Actually it is great. This guy has stepped into the starting rotation for the first time this year. He is getting it done. He is entering uncharted pitch count territory, and seems to be getting stronger. He has had no health or injury issues. You need guys like Urias to give you reliable, and sometimes spectacular starts if you want to have a winner. Kershaw and Sherzer are future HOFers, Buehler could be too. But Urias is getting it done as well.

    1. “I know this article isn’t about Urias, but I’m going to talk about him anyway. ”

      Do you interrupt conversations that don’t interest you, with irrelevant comments, simply because you have no respect for others? And believe what you have to say (however off topic) is more important that anyone else’s opinions?

      My guess is, yes.

        1. Dodger106W. Charlie is way off base disrespecting you like this. Didn’t know the rules for “Reply” had to be exactly about the article wriiten.

  4. Didn’t the Dodgers change signs frequently during the WS? It’s impossible to steal signs if you do. Let it go.

  5. Oh My!! The “hated” Astro’s! Let it go, for gods sakes.
    Every team cheats.
    LA had plenty of opportunities to win that Series, but Folded.
    Belly aching like little children is not going to change the outcome.

  6. Scherzer, I hope will adapt to large audience Los Angeles has. Hollywood has stars all over the place so relax and become part of it

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