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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Says LA Doesn’t Know How to be in 2nd Place

Max Scherzer wasn’t very mad today on the mound as he surrendered as many runs (5) in this start as his other 9 other starts with the Dodgers. Thanks to the Coors Field atmosphere, the offense was able to outslug the Colorado Rockies in extra innings. 

With the win over the Rockies, and the San Francisco Giants eventually being walked off by the San Diego Padres, the Dodgers find themselves back to within a game of first place. Many fans have been constantly watching the scores of the Dodgers and Giants, while many players probably are as well. However, Scherzer noted that he doesn’t waste time eyeing the scoreboard of another game.

“No, I just worry about us. I think if we win, we win. That’s how I approach it. I’m not a big scoreboard watcher, not until there’s a true magic number where you can clinch or something like that. Trea and I joke, these guys [the Dodgers] have no idea what it’s like to be in second place. For us, we just know to put our nose in the dirt and and just keep going forward.” 

Despite spending a majority of this season trailing the Giants, the Dodgers haven’t spent much time in second place in the NL West over the last 8-9 years. They’ve won 8 straight division titles thanks to their insane amount of talent and depth. No one has to remind them of what’s at stake and no one has to remind them of what they can do.

While the Giants have managed to perform at a high level this year, the Dodgers have themselves to blame as well. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to help their own cause, only to come up with nothing. Scherzer may not be watching the scoreboard, but many of his teammates presumably are. With 9 games remaining, it’ll likely come down to the very end with a possible Game 163 to settle the west. 

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  1. The reality is Dodgers could very well win 100 + wins and end up playing on October 6th against the Cards in that one and done game. IIWII. But the owners and the MLBPA should or must come up with a better solution instead having a team winning over 100 games and their season hinges on that 1 game. There are other issues that must be addressed and the main one is having THE SAME RULES FOR EACH LEAGUE! That means the Universal DH. There should be no argument about that. Either both leagues have a DH or neither league has it.

    1. Agreed, they need to re-work the playoff system. At the end of the year, just have the top 6 teams, regardless of division, move on, with the top two teams getting a first round bye. The first round is a 3 game playin series, and then the remaining 4 teams play a full 7 game series. Then a final 7 game series to play for the WS.

      As far as DH, I disagree, though. I don’t watch baseball for the “action”, there isn’t much. I watch it for the strategy. People keep trying to turn baseball into something it’s not. It’s athletic chess. Either you get it or you don’t. The fan base isn’t changing based on the overall numbers, despite what some people say. People are just watching all sports in different ways than they ever have, and they have no precise way to measure that anymore for whatever reason.

      1. I should note – division winners move on regardless of record, but the other 3 teams are based on overall records.

  2. The core problem for the Dodgers is the Giants incredible run. Give them credit they have built a great team (with former Dodger execs).

    All the Dodgers can do is play as Scherzer correctly said.

    And Dodger fans need to calm the F down and stop searching for scapegoats, if not for the Giants they are still having yet another great year, they are in the playoffs!

    Let’s just watch and enjoy ride.

    1. The Giants would’ve had a solid season regardless but their cheating operation is putting them at an uncatchable level. Not having a single prolonged team slump in an MLB season isn’t natural. Teams need to be aware of this when facing them in October, perhaps the cheating Astros themselves are the only hope

  3. “won 8 straight division titles thanks to their insane amount of talent and depth”

    Gosh, I thought it was because of DR…

  4. “owners and the MLBPA should or must come up with a better solution instead having a team winning over 100 games and their season hinges on that 1 game.”

    MLB, and the east coast media, are all giggly about one of the West coast teams getting shafted this year. But if this were Boston/NY in the same shoes, ESPN would be on fire demanding change!!!!!!

  5. Use the NBA seeding schedules in playoffs are the best for MLB. No is needed.

  6. Love Scherzer’s comment. Dodgers go about their business focused on that day’s game and winning it. There’s a reason they still are the favorites to win the World Series again!

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