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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Talks Free Agency, Wants to Join a Winning Club

There will be plenty of highly coveted arms this winter and plenty of teams who will try to bid for their services. Longtime Dodger Clayton Kershaw is slated to hit free agency but the chances of him staying in Los Angeles are pretty big. However, it’s his teammate Max Scherzer whose future is really up in the air.

Scherzer is 37 years old but is still one of the game’s top pitchers. He was named the Player’s Choice Award for the National League’s Most Outstanding Pitcher and has a great chance of reigning in his 4th Cy Young Award. Despite his age, he’ll be getting a lot of suitors knocking on the door. Where he’ll end up has been an interesting question these past couple of weeks, and one that was partially answered by his agent Scott Boras.

Boras told SNY that Scherzer’s decision on where he pitches net season will be “based on winning” rather than where the team is located. 

It makes sense for Mad Max as he is a fierce competitor who will stop at nothing to win every time he’s on the mound. While most pitchers by that age would consider retirement or a deal that is close to home, Scherzer wants to sign with a contender.

That may be some good news for the Dodgers as they will once again be a top contender in the National League and are already pegged as favorites to win the World Series in 2022. By no means does that guarantee Scherzer will re-sign, but it does limit his options a bit which is always good news to hear.

The Dodgers will be looking to add pitchers this season and have already started with the signing of LHP Andrew Heaney. While money will be tight for LA this winter and many other free agents to consider, the chance to have a future Hall of Famer retire with the Dodgers while still making an impact would be worthwhile.

Dodgers Rumors: Max Scherzer Talks Free Agency Decision, Who is LA’s Biggest Competition For Max?

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  1. Sounds like he could be headed to the Giants where they don’t have a knucklehead and clueless manager

    1. If I was Max, I’d be concerned that SF’s season might have been an aberration.

  2. Unfortunately, unless the Bauer fiasco is resolved favorably (i.e. the Dodgers don’t have to pay him $45 million), how can they sign Scherzer?

    If the talk of Scherzer getting $40 million/year for 3 years is correct, that’s just too much. Think of the multiple players that kind of money would buy.

    And please, no extension for Roberts.

  3. Max Sherzer may be a different breed of athlete if winning is indeed the most important thing going into free agency in determining which team to play for in 2022. However, Scott Boras will have much to say about that. Which means Sherzer will end up with the highest bidder.

    1. Gary, Boras, or ANY OTHER agency, has ZERO final say in where any of his clients finally sign. His only job is to negotiate with each interested team and extract their best offer for his client.

      The client, Scherzer in this case, makes the final decision on where he plays. Plenty of players sign for LESS than the most money, foany reasons such as proximity to family, dislike for certain cities, certain fan bases, certain managers, and some give a hometown discount because they love the organization, City, fans, manager, teammates…

      Most do sign for the best offer, but rich athletes like Max who are set for life can afford to be picky about WHERE they play, rather than how much.

      He’ll get plenty of offers for big money. It’s his choice, not Boras. Hope Max picks the Dodgers, but I won’t be surprised if the Dodgers set a hard limit after the Bauer fiasco… Unless that contract is voided by unpaid suspension by MLB
      That would free the Dodgers up to outbid anybody of they have the desire. His dead arm I’m the playoffs, starting with the last two re. Season starts, might scare them off Max completely. With 4 top starters more in the minors in Pepiot, Miller, Knack, Jackson…and May coming back late next summer and Gonsolin a chance for a big healthy rebound season, the Dodgers may even pass on both Kershaw and Scherzer
      Whatever they decide, it’s gonna be another great summer next year. They’ve got the talent and money, with a rabid fan base like an ATM spitting out Million Dollar Bills, a local TV contract that does the same, and billionaire owners willing to spend whatever it takes.

      Life is good in Dodgerland. Thank God we don’t live in Cincinnati

  4. Max is just a whore. As far as I see it…he bailed on the DODGERS when he refused to start in his last game leaving its all up to an overworked Bueller. Bye Bye Maxey. Very much looking forward to our Dodgers knocking you off the mound wherever you may land… hopefully in the NL. Any respect that I had for you Maxey is gone gone gone. Ciao!

  5. You know, there is something about Scherzer I don’t like. I can’t really put my finger on it. But that aside, he ran out of gas when he was needed the most. He’s 37 years old and still pitches with a power pitcher attitude. He’s a Tommy John injury waiting to happen. I’d let him walk.

    On the other hand, I like Kershaw’s actions off-field so much and his sportsmanship on field so much I would probably pay him way to much to keep him bad arm or not. He’s good for Los Angeles. Kershaw and Turner are two players that I can point my grandkids to and say “Act like them, on and off field”.

  6. My guess that Money Max will go to the Giants like I have previously said. But it seems clearer now as there was only 1 team that won more than the Dodgers in the regular season and I do believe that the Dodgers won more games than all other teams, both leagues. So as Boras said…Max wants to go to a winning team. Max must be mistakingly mixing up winning and whinning. See ya gunslinger……

  7. If anything just don’t let the lousy Giants get him. Although the Giants might not be as good next year you still can’t let them do anything to get any better. But you can’t give Max more than he is worth. You can probably get two pitchers for what he will demand and like said he is batting too old for a starting pitcher.

  8. He’s not going to the Giants… SF will not be an elite team next year. Take a good look at their potential roster. Probably loose their top 3 starting pitchers, plus Bryant, plus Longoria and others are oldish.

    1. Farhan is as capable as any GM to replace those players. I wouldn’t ever count them out with Zaidi as the GM

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