Dodgers May Have The Deepest Rotation in Baseball

The Dodgers had close to nine potential starting pitchers even before they made a trade for David Price. Adding the experienced veteran into the rotation just adds to an already incredibly deep talent pool. And that addition may make the Dodgers the deepest starting rotation in baseball heading into the season.

Speaking on Sportsnet LA, Nomar Garciaparra and John Hartung broke down Los Angeles’ rotation piece-by-piece. As it stands, the Dodgers look like they have ten potential starters competing for jobs.

Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, and David Price essentially lockdown the first portion of the rotation. After those guys though, there doesn’t seem to be much clarity.

Julio Urias has been a guy that has bounced around from the rotation to the bullpen, and the same can be said of Alex Wood and Ross Stripling. Newly acquired Jimmy Nelson could be a force out of the bullpen, but he will also get the chance to compete for a starting job.

Then there are the three young guys for the Dodgers. Tony Gonsolin, Dustin May, and Caleb Ferguson all represent guys who could be great starting options or electric out of the bullpen.

As we’ve learned in the past though, Spring Training has a way of working out roster alignments. Small injuries have already slowed the start for a few pitchers.

However the rotation ends up working out, it should make for a very interesting spring camp for the Dodgers.

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  1. SO WHAT! The deepest does not mean the best 3 starts for a seven game series. You need 3 top notch starters and a top notch closer. This team is build for a long baseball season but does not mean they will win a world series.

    1. Good point Paul. The key is building for success in the postseason. You need two dominant starting pitchers like Sherzer and Strasburg were last year, and a strong 3 guy like Corbin. The rest of the regular season starters will be in the bullpen in the postseason. Starter depth does allow some latitude to go with the hottest 3 guys in the postseason, and bolster the bullpen, but it’s better to know who your three aces in the hole are from the get go.

  2. Depth is a great position to be in! Looking forward to watching the young guns, May, Stripling and Gonsolin whether out of the BP or in the rotation.

  3. Too deep really. It’s going to ruin the development of May and Gonsolin. They needed to trade Stripling

  4. The word ‘depth’ means what exactly in relation to baseball? Every team uses this term. Does it equate to good pitching or just the potential of good pitching?

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