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Dodgers: Mets’ Latest Offer to Trevor Bauer Could Mirror Offer From Los Angeles

The Dodgers and Mets could be the final two teams in on Trevor Bauer. As we get closer to the start of Spring Training, it’s possible that his free agency is coming to an end sooner rather than later. 

The latest report is that the Mets offered Bauer a contract that is for 3-4 years. That same report from Jon Heyman suggests that the annual average is for less than the $36 million per year record set by Gerrit Cole. The report also suggests that the Dodgers could have a similar interest in Bauer and that they would also not like to go long on a deal.

If the Dodgers were to make an offer to Bauer, it would likely be for a maximum of 4 years. Andrew Friedman and the front office have made it clear in the past that they would rather pay pitchers more money per year than take a risk on a long-term deal. 

The only exception to that seems to be Kenley Jansen, to who they will be paying a whopping $20 million this year. In an ideal scenario, the Dodgers could be able to sign Bauer to a deal of 4 years with opt-outs included. It all depends on what sort of contract that Bauer would be willing to accept this late in free agency.

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The good news is that the Dodgers likely will not be pressed into overpaying if they do want to sign Bauer. Judging by the number of teams that have been vocal about being out on him, it doesn’t seem as though Bauer’s free agency has developed the way he had hoped. 

Regardless of what he is paid, the Dodgers view him as a luxury heading into 2021. Their current starting rotation is set to be chocked full of talent, with plenty of young arms waiting in the wings as reinforcements. 

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  1. I am not sure why in the world Dodgers are devoting time and talks about Bauer when I’m sure all of us here know the REAL PRIORITY. And that’s getting Turner signed and or trading for another RHB.

    1. Remember – Friedman and his staff do not leak information unless it serves their purpose. I remember several years ago Friedman saying that he relishes disinformation; he seldom (if ever) denies reports, instead finding ways to use them to his advantage. Because you read it from”reliable” sources does not guarantee that it is true.

      1. Actually that makes sense here because these writers are the ones that come up by various means these articles. What I might have said simply is that the focus should be what everyone feels is a priority. And i have to believe Freidman knows this as well. Now of course Dodgers could be aware of what’s been offered as well. I honestly have found what I’ve read a bit hard to believe at times also.

    2. I would rather see JT resigned at about one third what Bauer would want, and keep some money in the bank to sign a closer, RHB, or just re-sign our upcoming FA’s. I also want to see Urias, May, and Gonsolin getting regular action as starters. I would consider trading Jansen, and paying part of his salary, rather than taking the full $20M hit for a guy who can’t close games anymore. You wouldn’t need much in return if anything. Right now he is the biggest money pit on the team. Maximum $, substandard return. I would look hard at Hader in Milwaukee in a separate trade. He is currently under a 1 yr contract for $6.7M, and the Brewers are shopping him. That contract would work for the Dodgers, even though he slipped a bit last year. The FA closer market shelf is pretty bare right now. It would take some trading now. As for starters, I like what we have now. Urias or May could become the strong 3 starter you need in the postseason. I expect the rotation to be stronger this year just with the experience gained by the young guys. Who knows, Price may even be an added contribution.

    3. I’m confused about why we’re going for Bauer at all. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a solid pitcher. But there is a 0% chance he ever pitches like he did last year again. Not gonna happen. It never happened before last year and it won’t happen again. Not only that, but WE DON’T NEED PITCHERS! Can the front office not count? 1: Kershaw. 2: Buehler. 3: Price. 4: Urias. 5: May. 6: Gonsolin. 7: Gray?? WHERE THE BLEEP WOULD WE PUT BAUER??? Especially since he’s admitted that he wants to pitch every 4 days. There is no way we can squeeze him in. And if the response is to put Urias, May, and Gonsolin in the bullpen, then count me out. Those guys are weapons in the rotation.

  2. I always take a longer term look at these things. I’d pass on Bauer and try to ship Jansen. Sign JT or trade for Bryant, even if he is a one-year rental.

    As for our starters already on the roster, Buehler is the ace, Kershaw is the HOFer, Price still a q-mark, but everyone is expecting a big bounce-back because of all the rest, yoga, conditioning, and stretching. When Price’s contract is up, Gray takes that spot.

    Then, we have the young guns: Urias, May and Gonsolin. They should get even better this year having gone through the grind and pressure of the post-season. And, we may even see Gray by mid-year or earlier. Not sure if White will be up as a starter or reliever.

    Kershaw’s current contract is up after this year. If he has another year like 2020, definitely sign him for two more years. Really want to see him get 200 wins and 3,000 strikeouts. But, once he rides off into the sunset, Gonzalez will be plenty experienced to replace him as a starter.

    So, under all the above, where/how does Bauer fit? I don’t think he does…

  3. Agree that the Dodgers don’t need Bauer, whose presence would slow the development of May, Urias, Gonsolin, Gray. Plus, a monster salary would complicated extensions for Kershaw, Seager, Belli, Buhler, Urias…
    The Angels definitely do need an ace. If we ever hope to see a Freeway Series in October, root for the Halos on this one. Bauer’s outspoken, edgy personality might be a better fit there too, adding life to a boring team.

  4. The Dodgers interest in Bauer is nothing more than AF coaxing his adversaries to panic and overpay and get saddled with a bad contract. The Dodgers aren’t signing Bauer, they don’t need him. AF gamesmanship, nothing more.

  5. Not true. He’s not worth even 15 million per year. With Kershaw as still our ace Julio waiting his turn as next ace Cause Buhler is not consistent after Urias was lights out in post season with roberts finally started letting him loose he will be battling for cy young award then Buhler who will be good for 16 wins cause he takes 2 months to get started With both Dustin May and Gonsolin having more experience those will be our starters cause Price is never going to be an ace again he’s over the hill and not getting younger. So no I don’t believe Friedman is that stupid to waste over 100 million on a pitcher who’s only had one good year.Rumors don’t count.Dodgers should try and get rid of both kenley and price.

  6. Truth is if Dodgers had offered him a deal same as Mets he would have signed it already.Cause he really wants to play for the Dodgers. So no it’s not true at all.

  7. Cubs To Sign Joc Pederson
    By Steve Adams | January 29, 2021 at 7:25am CDT

    The Cubs are in agreement on a deal with free-agent outfielder Joc Pederson, reports Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (via Twitter). The Excel Sports Management client’s contract is still pending the completion of a physical.

  8. Definitely not interested in Bauer. First of all, LA does not need another starting pitcher. Secondly, he is VERY expensive, even on a 1 or 2 year contract. Third, he is not at all like other players on the team. He would not fit in, he would be a pain to manage, and he would not be happy in LA. His personality is too irritating for the team to deal with.

  9. If Bauer goes to LAD It will surely be overkill. That will tell me Bauer wants a ring & doesn’t want to work for it. Dodgers have the best rotation in baseball NOW & adding Bauer makes him noncompetitive and Dodgers sure 2021 WS champion. This is an organization that just scoffs at the cap limits.
    Let’s see how much character Bauer has. To go to a team w a chance to beat LA w his help would show his grit his character and his will to achieve.

  10. 7. Gray (2021 1/2) 8. Gonzalez (2022) 9. Bobby Miller (2023) 10. Pepiot (2023)

    3B Will Smith + Rios + Muncy (when needed)
    Catcher Barnes + K. Ruiz + Smirth (when needed)

    2B Lux + Chris Taylor
    2B Michael Busch (2023)

    Catcher — Cartaya (2023)

    LF AJPollack + Rios

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