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Dodgers: Miguel Rojas Reveals Clayton Kershaw Presented Gift to Team Following No-Hitter

When the Dodgers traded for Miguel Rojas earlier this month, it brought back a lot of fond memories for LA fans who’ve been around a while. Back in 2014, Rojas debuted with Los Angeles, and two weeks later, he made a pivotal defensive play to preserve Clayton Kershaw’s first (and, so far, only) career no-hitter, snaring a ground ball down the third base line and firing from foul territory across to first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

That groundout to Rojas was the closest the Rockies came to a hit that night, and it has forever linked Kershaw and Rojas in Dodgers lore.

Rojas talked with Chris Rose on Friday about coming back to Los Angeles, and he gave a little insight into how Kersh rewarded him and his teammates after the no-hitter.

“I reached out to Clayton Kershaw. He’s the only one left who played with me in ’14. And, I mean, we created this bond that is going to exist forever, that his only no-hitter in the big leagues happened with me playing at third base. I just wanted to tell him I can’t wait to play behind him. I always say, Clayton Kershaw has been the best left-handed pitcher that I’ve played behind. For me, playing behind Kershaw is gonna be one of the things that I’m always gonna remember from 2014, and I’m gonna have the opportunity to do it again 10 years after. Man, this is just a blessing.

“I reached out to him, and I sent him a picture of a bottle that he gave us, he gave all the team a bottle of scotch that has an inscription, ‘Thanks for having my back.’ I sent him a picture of that and I told him, ‘Hey Kersh, it’s time to do this again.'”

There aren’t many players more likable than Rojas in the big leagues, and it’s great to see how excited he is to come back to the Dodgers. He’s grown into a leader on and off the field, and his presence in the LA clubhouse will be huge.

And maybe, just maybe, he and Kersh can collaborate on another no-hitter in 2023.

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  1. First, love Dave Roberts. But if he had been the Dodgers manager, Kershaw would never have pitched his best game. Roberts would have pulled him early for a reliever.

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