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Dodgers: Miguel Vargas Has Leaned on Dino Ebel While Learning New Position

Dodgers rookie Miguel Vargas has been primarily a third baseman throughout his minor-league career. Last year at Triple-A Oklahoma City, Vargas played quite a bit in left field to add a secondary position. He’s played some at first and second base, but very sparingly.

Still, heading into 2023, it appears Vargas’s main position will be second base, and that starting job will be his to lose in spring training. That has made for a busy offseason for the 23-year-old Cuban, working out at a position where he’s played a total of 229 innings in the minors. Luckily, he hasn’t been on his own.

We saw recently that Vargas has been working on his defense with newly reacquired infielder Miguel Rojas in Florida. He’s also spent time in Los Angeles working directly with former middle infielder and current Dodgers third-base coach Dino Ebel, as he told SportsNetLA’s Kirsten Watson at FanFest over the weekend when she asked how comfortable he’s feeling at second base.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time there, working out at second base a lot in Miami. Spending a lot of time here working out with Dino. I feel incredible there, I feel ready to help this team in what ever they ask me to do.”

Watson asked how it’s been working with Ebel, and Vargas had nothing but good to say.

“It’s been great, he’s been able to help me out every single day, we always have a plan of what to do, what to go over. He has so much experience, so much knowledge, so just taking as much as I can every single time I go out with him.”

Vargas at second base will be one of the key storylines in spring training, which starts next week. If he can hold things down defensively, it really strengthens LA’s defense overall. And, of course, he’ll need to hit more like he did in the minors than he did in his brief big-league stint, but not many people are worried about his offense.

Vargas is putting in the work, so hopefully he’ll get the results.

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