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Dodgers Minor League News: Jose De Leon Dominates, Taking No-Hitter Into 7th Inning

The Los Angeles Dodgers injury bug has severely plagued their pitching rotation all season. Brett Anderson is nursing a blister, while Scott Kazmir could be headed to the DL. Although Julio Urias is an option, could the Dodgers call on Jose De Leon?

The Dodgers pitching prospect put on a show on Monday night for Triple-A Oklahoma City. In 15 starts (79 innings) with OKC, De Leon has a 2.86 ERA, 98 strikeouts and 20 walks.

Why the Dodgers Should Call on Jose De Leon: Let the Kid in the Picture

On Monday, De Leon threw seven scoreless inning and struck out 10 batters. The most important stat was that he took a no-hitter into the 7th inning.

De Leon has been solid for the OKC Dodgers and has been on fire while in the minors. He has another solid game just last Wednesday.

The 24-year-old has lasted at least 7 innings in three consecutive starts, which is more than most Dodgers starters this past month.

According to Eric Stephen from TrueBlueLA, “Dodgers starting pitchers have a 6.45 ERA in August and have averaged 4.40 innings per start in 19 games this month”.

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  1. Lets see, should we continue the McCarthy/Anderson debacle and overwork our bullpen or should we promote DeLeon who can give us at least 7 strong innings overtime out?  Clearly common sense is not a factor in these decisions.

  2. Dodgers55 Wish it were that simple.  We have a 40 man roster issue, not a rotation issue here with JDL.  JDL is not on the 40 man roster.  We will likely be getting Kershaw, Wood, possibly Garcia back from the 60 day DL at some point, at which point we have to DFA three different players.  Who is that going to be?  I can realistically think of only a few means of accomplishing getting JDL on the 40 man roster and getting those three pitchers above back from the 60 day DL and being able to maintain the 40 man roster.  DFA Norris and Fien, activate Tsao from the 60 day DL and DFA, and put Frias on the 60 day DL.  That is the only way I can see the Dodgers’ front office accomplishing this move while still being able to activate Kershaw, Wood and Garcia from the 60 day DL.  Shoot, they gotta figure something out with Hatcher too.  Maybe just cut our losses and DFA Anderson.  Everyone else on the 40 man is too valuable to DFA, or they are controllable and useful.  It isn’t as cut and dry as it seems to just call up JDL.  First we gotta figure out the 40 man roster situation, only then can we even consider him getting the call.

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