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Dodgers: Mitch White Will Take the Bulk of Innings Tonight

The Dodgers are looking to take the sweep against the Pirates tonight in Los Angeles. If they can get by Pittsburgh starter JT Brubaker, they can earn their second sweep in a row and continue to keep pace with the Giants in the West. 

Dave Roberts will put that sweep in the hands of Mitch White tonight. The Dodgers will go with White as their bulk man, but they have yet to decide whether that’s as a starter or out of the bullpen. 

White last pitched on Thursday afternoon in Philadelphia. He gave up 2 runs and the Dodgers offense could not muster up more than 1 in the loss. He threw 4 innings and a total of 59 pitches in that start. That game ended up being a mini-bullpen game and this one isn’t expected to be much different. 

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However, if White is able to be efficient with his pitch count, the Dodgers could get even more innings out of him. Doc has mentioned before that he can get up near the 80-pitch mark if needed. And in a week where the bullpen has been overworked, that would be helpful. 

JT Brubaker has not had a great 2021 season, and his last 2 starts have been abysmal. In those starts, he pitched a combined 10 innings and allowed 13 earned runs with 4 homeruns. 

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    1. Yup, fantastic “bullpen” game by Mitch White ! Even against the Pirates they’re still a major league team that got shut down by a AAA pitcher. Best performance by a minor leaguer all season. No other AAA pitcher pitched 7 1/3 shut down innings against even the Rockies, DBacks, or Marlins. Was a perfect timing to rest the BP and gain a game on the Giants. Great support from the offense and able to rest Trae and CT3.

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