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Dodgers: Mitch White’s Gem Sets Up the Perfect Bullpen Game on Thursday

The Dodgers got way more than they were asking for out of Mitch White on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. White was supposed to come on in relief and be the bulk guy, giving Dave Roberts as many innings as possible before handing the ball off. 

As it turns out, Mitch didn’t need to hand the ball off to anyone. He spun 7.1 innings of work after taking the ball from Justin Bruihl and allowed just 2 hits. He struck out 6 Pirates and issued just 2 walks en route to a huge win, his first of the season. 

And while that performance was big, the impact it has on tonight’s game is even bigger. The Dodgers are throwing yet another bullpen game against the Mets with so many injuries to their starting rotation. Julio Urias hitting the injured list last week further complicated that.

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But because White took on the burden of Wednesday’s game, the Dodgers have a fresh bullpen to welcome New York into town. It’s definitely important given the state of the bullpen and how overworked some of those guys have been in the month of August. 

So when the Dodgers run out a couple of successful relievers in a row tonight in Los Angeles, make sure to thank Mitch White for that. What a performance from the kid. 

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  1. Why a bullpen game? It’s Buehlers turn in the rotation, followed by Scherzer, Jackson and Price, with a day off Monday. The day off gives a chance to have Urias start on Tu and give everyone else an extra day of rest.

    1. Lining up their (3) best starters for
      THE PADRES- makin’ tonight’s game
      very important!

  2. White pitched an excellent game and was allowed to go the distance. None of us could have asked for more from him. Hope that White’s stellar performance last night is a sign of more to come because we certainly need it right now. Great job!

    1. White has been at the top of our prospect list for starting pitching for awhile. The Dodgers seem to break them in by putting them in the bullpen and then everyone forgets what their pedigree is. White has a very high ceiling!

      1. One of the articles says they tweeked
        his delivery down in AAA. He could be
        the 4th or 5th day option goin’ forward ’til
        Kershaw ‘hopefully’ comes back!

    2. Reminded me of Gonsolin when he first came up. Now that his confidence is way up, we’ll see how he does against a good team like the Mets. But, very encouraging. I always thought White should have been long-relief RHP for the past two years…

  3. Let’s hope Roberts doesn’t over manage this game with the Mets today. The only guy he seemingly doesn’t “quick hook” is Jansen. Kenley still looks like he’s struggling to be the “lights out” closer.

  4. Have to admit I may have been wrong about White not being ready for prime time. He looked good last night. As to the bullpen game, they are finally making up some ground on the Giants, it’s not the time to “give one back.” We’re at the point where every game matters, unless they are comfortable with a wild card game against either the Padres or the Reds. I wouldn’t be.

  5. White was dominant last night and he significantly helped the Dodgers’ cause by pitching almost the entire game.
    Earlier this season, he was the last pitcher I wanted to see out there–even in a mop up role because he was so shaky.
    All credit to him for continuing to work hard and finding his way. That 2 out BB he drew also led to additional runs.
    Dodgers are now 29 games above .500 in a year in which so much has gone wrong. Anxious to see what the ceiling is for this team down the stretch.

  6. Mitch White is going to be a strikeout mogul. This guy is going a star sooner more than later. His bag of pitches really helps when striking out batters. He need more batting practice and stop making himself a guaranteed out.

  7. I’m a big fan of the kid. I’m always glad when they call him up and a little disappointed when they send him back to OKC. I hope someday they’ll find a permanent place for him in LA.

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