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Dodgers: MLB Analyst Breaks Down Cody Bellinger’s Swing Changes

One of the bigger points of emphasis you may have heard on Thursday’s TV broadcast on TBS was some very noticeable swing adjustments made by Cody Bellinger late in LA’s game 5 win over the Giants. The heavily critiqued swing of the Dodgers’ slugger has been well documented throughout a season filled with struggles at the plate.

The broadcast pointed to Bellinger choking up on the bat during plate appearances. Thursday’s game winner included. Cody mentioned after the game that it was just something that felt comfortable against the flamethrowing Camilo Doval.

On Friday, MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds, a former MLB All-Star broke down some of the adjustments made by Belli in the moment.

Coming off a truly forgettable 2021 season where he hit just .165 in 95 games. In 6 postseason games, he’s getting back to being closer to the Belli of old while going 5-17 (.294) with the third game winning hit of his postseason career.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of you insightful posters here at Dodgernation for allowing me to take part in the lively debates and good natured ribbing. It really has been lots of fun. And I hope I haven’t stepped on anyone’s toes while becoming the self-appointed official Dodger Encyclopedia lol.

    Let’s go Dodgers!

    1. Vin Scully is the self-appointed official Dodgers Encyclopedia, you just stepped on Vin’s toes. You’re now officially enemy of all Dodger fans, good luck taking on the entire City of LA!!! LMAO!!!

    2. You’re not stepping on anyone’s toes, don’t worry. Literally no one knows who you are

          1. somehow you missed the first 4 months of the season here on this board where many/most were bagging on doc, Belli and Jansen DAILY! Despite winning almost 2 out of 3 games all season long, they perpetuated all the fan-boy myths about the Dodger trio. Belli is 1 of the top hitters now for the Dodgers in the playoffs, and they wanted him traded, sent down, benched, etc. for MONTHS. Glad you and a few others here with a modicum of baseball knowledge know the game, and how the Dodgers are managed from the FO to the minor leagues. I guess this was a longwinded response to the fact most of them already had their Humor bypass surgery!!! 🙂

          2. Joe, the reason I missed the first four months of the season is I just stumbled across this board a few weeks ago. For the first week I only read without posting anything. It’s been quite fun and entertaining.

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