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Dodgers: MLB Announcer Believes Angels and Mike Trout Will Make a Push for Max Scherzer This Offseason

It’s been a tale of two different stories in Los Angeles as the Dodgers have had a lot of winning seasons in the past decade and are reigning World Series Champions. They’ve done so by attracting stars and developing homegrown talent to sustain their elite rosters. The same can’t be said for the Angels down in Anaheim. They have the game’s best player in Mike Trout and have surrounded him with a handful of solid offensive pieces, but their pitching has been the biggest weakness that has kept them from contending. 

Well that potentially be changing soon as Max Scherzer is a big free agent target for the Halos. According to play-by-play announcer Matt Vasgersian, the Angels are likely to be heavily involved with Scherzer this upcoming offseason.

“From what I understand, there’s already a lot of lobbying happening by players and the very top of the payroll there. Mike Trout is very invested in the ‘bring Max Scherzer to Anaheim effort.’”

The Angels have two plates connect to Scherzer’s past who could help the process. Justin Upton was a rookie with him in Arizona, while Anthony Rendon and Max were teammates for years in Washington D.C. and won a championship in 2019.

Losing Max Scherzer would be a huge blow to the Dodgers next season, even if they have the depth to try and cover the hole he leaves. After all, he’s put together a 7-0 record with a 1.43 ERA and 85 strikeouts in 10 starts with Los Angeles. It would hurt even more knowing that he’ll be just down the 5 freeway in Anaheim. 

The Dodgers would still have Walker Buehler, Julio Urías, Tony Gonsolin, and will hopefully get back Dustin May at some point. Yet, Clayton Kershaw will also be a free agent which makes matters even worse. The Dodgers can’t stand to lose both and shouldn’t even entertain the idea of losing one. 

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  1. yeah, Scherzer will want to go play in the MLB 3rd World. gimme a break…when the guy will get a $30M+/yr deal an extra few million vs the shot at winning a title every single season going forward.

  2. Why would he leave the Dodgerd to go the Angels. He wants to win. A 37 year old doesn’t want be in a rebuild. If he wanted that he would not have waived his no trade.

  3. When are the Dodger Staff going to teach Will Smith how to catch a ball in the dirt!!! All year long Nomar, Oral, and Jerry have railed against his backhand style of TRYING to catch balls in the dirt. Tonight two in the same inning.

    1. that’s why he rides the pine and watches Barnes catch in critical games. Will’s D has got to improve – eventually

  4. It would be great to sign Scherzer for 2 or 3 years, but if anyone thinks this streak he is on now is his norm going forward, they are out of reality, especially starting at age 38. Kind of reminds me of the Manny Ramirez situation, though they are very different characters. It would be typical of the Angels to sign him to a 5 year contract, and then he declines significantly in the first year and they are stuck for 4 more years at $35M per.

  5. Scherzer will stay with dodgers at least 2 more years. Dodgers will probably be able to cancel Bauer’s contract and give it Scherzer. Plus they won’t sign Taylor or Kenley. They have the money and stop saying Trout best player in baseball whe he cheats taking steroids. That’s right only trout is allowed to take his steroids for his thyroid problem and MLB knows it.

  6. Max going to the Angels? Is this announcer a comic genius or what? I laughed so hard. Max will resign with the Dodgers!

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