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Dodgers: MLB Expert Predicts Los Angeles Will Still Win 100-Plus Games

Things feel a little bit bleak in Los Angeles. The Dodgers have lost 15 of their last 20 games and have already matched their loss total from the shortened 2020 season. The offense has completely stalled out and the health of the team is constantly in question. 

But at the end of the day, they’re still the Dodgers. They’re still loaded with big names like Mookie Betts, Trevor Bauer, Clayton Kershaw, Corey Seager, and many more. With guys like that on your side, it’s difficult to imagine this losing streak going on for long.

That’s how Jon Heyman views it. In a recent appearance on MLB Network, Heyman defended the Dodgers and had a positive outlook on their 2021 season. In fact, Heyman was so confident they would win 100 or more games that he was willing to bet on it. 

I wouldn’t worry about this team. Because the whole team is going to be good. I think we’re wasting our breath right now because this team is going to win 100 games. I’ll bet anyone on that right now. 

The Dodgers would have to go 82-45 the rest of the year in order to reach 100 wins. Looking at it that way, it’s not entirely out of the question that they would be able to pull something like that off. Especially with the talented names on their roster. 

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It’s hard to envision this team winning any games at all at the moment. But the Dodgers can’t be held down for long. They’ll start winning games, and one day soon, we’ll be able to look back on this stretch and laugh. 

I hope. 

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  1. I have a hard time believing Heyman….. as I watched him on MLB Network where some of his knowledge of the game is questionable w/ the other pundits. I don’t know how it’s going to play out, but Zaidi sure looks like he made better pick-ups and more economical decisions than Friedman. Identical styles of acquiring guys others let go, giving them 1 yr. contracts, and producing for the core group and playing for Kepler.

  2. Nobodies looking that good in baseball right now. Despite all this the giants haven’t done anything spectacular, however they’re solid for now. The Padres are only a game better than us, the brewers who everyone thought was unbeatable are in second now, the cardinals are winning a weak division so far. The east is mediocre. The AL is all mediocre at the moment. With all that being said our bullpen and bench is trash

  3. Hmm, let’s dive a litte deeper into these numbers, 82-45 represents a 64 percent winning percentage. Doesn’t sound too hard, eh? How many times has that happened since 2015? 5 times, and all of those in the past three years. Basically a super team in any given year (Dodgers, Red Sox, Astros in the last three) could reach that in a season. But 2021 thus far looks more like 2015-2016-2017 when there weren’t any “super” teams who won won at least 64 percent of their games.I see the Dodgers turning things around and winning the division but not with 100 wins. The best teams right now are barely about 60 percent, which is more in line with traditional division winning percentages.

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