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Dodgers: MLB Experts Pick LA to Take the West Again

The Dodgers won their seventh consecutive NL West division title in 2019, and it wasn’t close. Los Angeles finished an astounding 21 games above the second-place Diamondbacks on the shoulders of a 106-win season. 

In 2020, it looks like it’s going to be more of the same. While other teams in the West continue to add young talent or payroll room, the Dodgers keep finding a way to do both. They added Mookie Betts and David Price in a February trade, but also added top prospects Brusdar Graterol and more in the process. 

So logically, it would make sense that most MLB experts believe that the Dodgers will win their eighth consecutive division title. Jon Morosi spoke about Los Angeles, and why they’re a lock. 

I do like the Padres’ roster, the Diamondbacks roster. But the short answer is, I believe the Dodgers will win the division once again this season…The Dodgers basically have two full rotations. This is a really good team, ok. They’ve got Mookie Betts batting leadoff, this is an outstanding baseball team…They have a ready-made DH spot to rotate through. 

I would argue that every MLB expert in the world would agree with Morosi at this point. The argument can be made that anything could happen in a shortened season, but we’re talking 60 games, not five games. The Dodgers are stacked in every aspect of their roster, and they will be tough to beat all year long. 

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  1. I get why the Dodgers are so highly ranked, due to their amazing depth almost everywhere around the diamond. But depth is more of a factor over 162 games. Over 60 games? I think the depth factor gets limited. The West will be a dogfight this year between the Dodgers, Padres and Astros.

    1. Bruh, the Dodgers aren’t in the Astr*s division! Yes, they’ll play them 4 times or whatever, but they’re still in separate divisions.

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