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Dodgers: MLB Experts “Skeptical” of Yankees Signing Freddie Freeman

Last week, reports surfaced that the New York Yankees are the Dodgers main competition in whisking free agent first baseman Freddie Freeman away from the Atlanta Braves.

When a player of Freeman’s caliber is available, everyone takes notice. Including ESPN’s Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian.

The two baseball experts aren’t completing buying Freeman-to-the-Yankees.

Olney thinks New York’s longterm financial commitments to outfielder Giancarlo Stanton and starter Gerrit Cole are significant hurdles to signing Freeman.

“I’m skeptical that they [the Yankees] will actually be the team that signs Freddie Freeman because that would mean you potentially would have three guys making forty-million dollars per year plus…I don’t think they can necessarily fit him in to where their payroll is going to be.”

Kurkjian agreed, and stated that Freeman would seamlessly fit into the Dodgers lineup.

“I’m with you, I don’t know how they afford it, but he is the perfect fit, and he’s the perfect fit for the Dodgers at the same time.”

Olney finished the conversation by stating that the Dodgers have the pole position over the Yankees when it comes to signing Freeman away from the Braves.

“At the moment, I feel like the Dodgers, are probably the best positioned between the two teams to make a run at him.”

Final Thoughts

The Braves shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to Freeman’s future. Freeman has spent his entire 12-year MLB career with Atlanta and is fresh of off helping the club win the 2021 World Series.

The 2020 NL MVP is reportedly seeking a six-year deal worth upwards of $200M.

Olney and Kurkjian both believe that whenever the MLB lockout ends, Freeman will be quick to sign a new contract.

Time will tell if that’s a longterm deal with the Braves, Yankees, Dodgers, or another club all together.

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