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Dodgers: MLB in Talks for Potential League Realignment, Affecting LA, Others

When they say they’re thinking of everything, they are thinking of ev-er-y-thing. To start the week, it was the MLB bubble city in Arizona chatter — which was met with some excitement and a lot of criticism. Of that criticism, some folks are not on board with everything happening only in Arizona… in the middle of the hot desert summer. 

Well, MLB isn’t done thinking this out yet.

Moreover, it now seems that Florida has re-entered the mix as spring training facilities continue to be explored for an isolated baseball season. Bob Nightengale of USA Today explains.

Major League Baseball, assessing myriad proposals, has discussed a radical plan that would eliminate the traditional American and National Leagues for 2020, a high-ranking official told USA TODAY Sports, and realign all six divisions for an abbreviated season.

The plan would have all 30 teams returning to their spring training sites in Florida and Arizona, playing regular-season games only in those two states and without fans in an effort to reduce travel and minimize risks in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s what those re-aligned divisions might look like.

For the Dodgers, this proposed scenario has them traveling to only three ballparks for divisional play (they share Camelback Ranch with the White Sox). Presumably, if similar to the early week plan that included Arizona’s Chase Field as a ballpark option, the Diamondback would retain their home field for this re-organized season and 11 stadiums would be in play in the Cactus League. 

In Florida’s Grapefruit League, the home parks for the Marlins and Rays could be in play as well — assuming — but an issue with spring training facilities in Florida has always been the distance between fields, which would give players added risk of coming into contact with coronavirus.

But any idea that brings baseball back sooner rather than later presents risks.

More at Dodgers Nation

Nightengale buttons up the thought with the ever-important disclaimer “…nothing has been decided. They will continue to wait until advised by health and government officials that it’s safe to start the season.”

You know what they say… safety third.

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  1. Just cancel the season. Everyday they come up with more things that’ll make it a complete joke of a year. I promise you babies will survive without your little sports games there’s more important things at hand

  2. I see they don’t want to put the Dodgers and the As-toads in the same division. That would be bean-ball heaven.

  3. I do very much appreciate baseball, but during these apocalyptic days, there has just been one very bad idea followed by another 10 times worse. CHILL just CHILL. Please. Maybe 2021 will be kinder.

  4. The new alignment would be awesome because we’ll get to watch the Angels whip the Dodgers in their season series. Trout, Rendon, & Ohtani will destroy Dodger ptichers.

  5. Actually the safest place to be would be in the baseball bio dome. So other than separation of families I think it’s a workable plan. And most likely we’ll all be back to normal by July anyway.

  6. They might as well play baseball even if it’s for just a month. They’re still getting paid. Might as well. Millions for a month of work.

  7. How about all you idiots write and call your Congressmen and Senators and demand we get this economy and Hoax put to rest. All the projections are nothing as predicted. The Hospitals aren’t over run, and the common flu is just as dangerous. If you choose to live in fear and Bondage, even though facts prove this scare tactic isn’t 1/8 th of what they’re spreading through the media, then enjoy your new Red Square society.

    1. Hey Kirk,

      All that’s needed is for a voluntary prophylactic distribution of HydroxyChloroquine pills and the 15 minute tests of all players when they arrive at the ballpark with the infected ones placed on the IL and quarantined.

      1. Very simple Paul. What ever happened to the days of Chicken Pox, mumps etc. which this virus isn’t even close to being as contagious? They suggested kids etc.sleep together so they would get it and become immune. The same People just 5 years ago that were calling preppers Conspiracy theorists, Living off the grid Tin foil hat idiots, and Chemspray alarmists paranoid, are now all walking around with masks, hazmat suits and rubber gloves avoiding the entire population, which by the way 99% of, don’t have the virus… Common sense and human instincts are absent in this world right now…

        1. So I guess those infected numbers and death counts are all made up wow Kirk YOU of all people have it all figured out! I’m impressed! All those nurses in all those hospitals who are dealing with mass numbers of sick people, too much for the hospital to even handle, that’s all in their heads right? It’s not happening at all they are just all under hypnosis. And to think there’s actually people here going along with you, we’re in a sad state in this country with people like you who think literally everything is fake news. You should be getting piled on right now by everyone

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