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Dodgers: MLB Insider Expects Max Scherzer to Re-Sign in LA on a Massive Deal

The Dodgers have plenty of decisions to make on the free-agent market this year. They made their first splash by signing LHP Andrew Heaney to a one-year deal, but that isn’t even close to the biggest move they will make. 

All indications are that the Dodgers are willing to spend again for next year. But the biggest question surrounds Trevor Bauer and whether or not they will retain his salary for the 2022 season. A lot seems to hinge on that.

But despite that uncertainty, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal is convinced that Max Scherzer ends up back in Los Angeles. He even suggested that there was a very good chance they sign him to a deal worth over $100 million.

Scherzer, 37, is a Cy Young finalist, and seems likely to return to the Dodgers on a three-year contract with an average salary in the $35 million range.

Scherzer dominated with the Dodgers from the moment that they landed him at the deadline. He had a streak of 5 consecutive starts where he was not charged with a run. Overall, he finished with a 1.98 ERA and a 7-0 record for LA in the regular season. 

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But Scherzer ran into his share of issues towards the end of the year and into the postseason. He describe a dead arm issue that slowed him down late in the year, and it showed in his final couple of starts. But he was able to put together a fairly successful postseason ERA of 2.16 and striking out 23. 

Could the Dodgers use a player of his caliber in the starting rotation in 2022? Absolutely. They already have a decent rotation without him, but he’s a perennial Cy Young candidate. 

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  1. Sure hope he signs back. Perhaps the Bauer situation gets resolved in the Dodgers favor so that money can be spent on Scherzer….

  2. Let the old man pass….he basically decided not to pitch game 6 when he was scheduled to pitch, dumped it on Bueller to pitch on 3 days rest for 1 reason. It wasn’t the “dead arm’ bs, it was because he wanted the GLORY of winning the 7th game. Personally, I would pass and let some other team be a sucker to this PRIMA DONNA. Yeah….Max is good, but Max was NOT a TEAM player like his buddy Trealess Turner, who decided to swing at every pitch with hopes of hitting one out of the infield. Who also blamed all of his errors at 2nd base on the fact that he was BORN to be a SS. Another whinner, with a hair problem. SAVE THE MONEY and sign a real TEAM player and perhaps the most talented guy on the entire team aside for Mookie….Chris Taylor, known as CT3.

    1. Blueblood, I am assuming you’re a professional mind reader, knowing what Scherzer was thinking and all. Wondering where your psychic business is, so I can drop by and get some stock tips.

      But if you’re operating out of momma’s basement, I don’t make house calls.

      BTW, you ever play baseball?

    2. And you know this, HOW? Your crystal ball? They should keep Scherzer just to make you mad.

    3. You don’t think it had anything to do with Roberts burning him out, along with the other 2 remaining starters due to bizarre relief appearances supposedly dictated by analytics?

      Ironically I’m not even a big fan of the future Hall of Famer, but I think it took balls to say he had a dead arm, rather than go out there and get whiplash from all the balls hit past him. You think that was easy for a major leaguer? I don’t.

    4. I think it’s possible Scherzer’s arm felt tired and he was concerned that if he pitched it might lower his free agency value. I suspect this because Scherzer’s agent is Scott Boras, which says two things: (1) Scherzer values getting paid more than winning; and (2) there’s a very good chance Boras persuaded him to hold off on pitching. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what Scherzer did (if he did it) as I would take the money over winning too if I already had a championship under my belt like Scherzer. As a Dodger fan though, this wouldn’t be the kind of person I would want on my team. I think Andrew Friedman and the Dodger brass really needs to research this matter and determine what happened and why Scherzer didn’t go game 6. If Scherzer honestly believed the Dodgers had their best shot at winning with Walker Buehler on short rest then I can live with that but not the other scenario where he was concerned with lowering his stock price.

    1. sounds like begging Kirk. He’s not worth it. He choked at the end. He looks out of place wearing Dodger Blue. As does his mate Trealess Turner….another example of a true choke….Mr. Batting Crown Champ couldn’t hit the ball out of the infield in the playoffs…… did anyone ever ask why the Nats got rid of the 2 super stars? The playoffs proved why.

      1. “did anyone ever ask why the Nats got rid of the 2 super stars? The playoffs proved why.”

        “True choke” They both have 2019 rings. Which is as many as our Dodgers have.

    1. William…You’re dreaming or else stuck in the past. Scherzer, CK, Jansen…..or also commonly known as the ‘over the hill’ gang…..they should collectively and gracefully pass the torch to some new blood. They have all made very close to a billion dollars apiece. Playing a boy’s game.

  3. Sign Max with an incentive $$ base contract, 3 year @ $60 million (that can go over $100million) if he can deep into the playoff season every year. Seager is a must (give him 6 or 7 years at $25 million/year……. CT3 is a must. Kershaw is a must with another incentive $$ base contract….

  4. Dodgers should make 1 offer to all their free agents. If they dont like the offer, then use that money get some free agents who woujld probably cost a lot less. We also have some good looking youngsters not far from being in the majors. Dont be overspending on aging players. Have to look seasons ahead.

  5. Scherzer and his “tired arm” should go somewhere else! “Tired arm” at a critical time in the World Series for G’s Sake! Get out there and do what you can in return for all that $ and acclaim ! You aren’t injured ! So maybe you get hit hard or go fewer innings then usual! It’s the WORLD SERIES and you have a TIRED ARM??? Here, I’m 100 percent disabled VET Give me the damn baseball!!!!

  6. Sorry, not a big fan of CT3. He’s a mini Belli, swinging for the fences with the uppercut swing. Every time he would come up with a runner on 3rd, less than 2 outs swinging for the fences but striking out.

    1. “Sorry, not a big fan of CT3. ”

      LA needs SOMEONE that can hit in the playoffs, now that Joc is gone.

  7. If they do re sign Max, and I’m not sure they will, they should give him the money but add yrs to it beyond what he wants to play. That will lower the avg annual salary. That’s what they did with Utley, very smart! No, I just have a good memory, lol!

    1. Scherzer is going to think HEAVILY about signing with us. He will be on the playoff road again with a STRONG chance of being in the series. And you know, with Bauer and the other contracts dropping; he will get a great offer to close his career.

  8. Isn’t this forum awesome! No one has a clue (especially me) about what the Dodgers will do but this allows us to vent our frustrations over what many of us consider a “lost season” because we (Dodger fans) still are remembering some questionable moves that were made in post season. My main frustration is that going into last season I thought the best Dodger seasons were still ahead. I don’t think that anymore. Even so, the Dodgers will be very very good next season.

  9. Lots of miles on that arm… was he breaking down a bit at the end of the season? Spend the money on someone younger.

  10. Admitted bias, for whatever reason, I’m just not a Scherzer fan. It wouldn’t break my heart if they didn’t sign him. But they do have a (recent) tradition of being willing to pay big money to big name pitchers, so I can see it happening. With big incentive clauses, just in case, if they’re smart. Even 20 year olds can break down and need TJ surgery, among other things, but it’s more likely at an advanced baseball age of 37. Then again, there’s Nolan Ryan…

  11. Seager’s people are obviously the source of this leak. They want to scare teams into throwing a really big offer as soon as possible. It’s a strategy hatched in Scott Boras’ office.

  12. he’s got maybe 1 more year as a number 1. pay him for 3 and watch him turn into Kershaw, a number 3 making number 1 money.

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