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Dodgers: MLB Insider Identifies Fallback Options if LA is Unable to Re-Sign Max Scherzer

This season really proved that you can never have too much pitching, especially quality pitching. The Dodgers struggled to stay healthy this year which was an eventual reason for their demise.

At the beginning of the year, they had more arms than they had room for which was certainly a nice problem to have. However, the jump back to a full 162-game season did not bode well for many guys as Dustin May and Clayton Kershaw were lost to injuries, David Price and Tony Gonsolin were not that effective, and Trevor Bauer was sidelined. That just left Julio and Walker Buehler left with a handful of unreliable minor league arms until Max Scherzer was acquired.

Scherzer’s acquisition was a game-changer for Los Angeles, but will he stay next season? Having him back would be huge, but what happens if he decides to sign elsewhere. Jim Bowden of The Athletic believes there are other options the Dodgers could pivot to if he does end up leaving.

“If the Dodgers can’t retain Scherzer, I think they will make a run at Kevin Gausman and, to a lesser extent, Robbie Ray. Adding another proven starter to go with Walker Buehler and Julio Urías at the top of their 2022 starting rotation is a must.”

Clayton Kershaw is a free agent as well and while he could re-sign with the team, his latest injury raises question marks. Price and Gonsolin haven’t given much hope thus far, so having at least one other reliable starter would be nice.

Kevin Gausman was an All-Star this season who reinvented himself with the Giants. He finished the season with a 14-6 record to go along with a 2.81 ERA and 227 strikeouts in 192 innings of work. Robbie Ray on the other hand is a CY Young candidate for the Blue Jays. The former Diamondback put up a 13-7 record with a 2.84 ERA and 248 strikeouts in 193.1 innings of work.

Both would be quality arms to help fill the rotation if the Dodgers don’t re-sign Scherzer and or Kershaw.


  1. Whatever the path the Dodgers NEED to incorporate a true 6 man rotation as most pitchers cannot handle the innings load. It seemed difficult to get a 5 man-rotation to supply a solid 5 innings. Pitchers just aren’t what they use to be, as to stamina, durability.

    1. I keep track of their starts all season long and for the most part they were on a 6 man schedule. They use off days, injuries, bullpen games and other starters. They rarely went every five days twice in a row.
      Bowden of course, and this writer, miss that Kershaw is still a quality pitcher and just by saying that Gonsolin didn’t do well doesn’t make it true, he would be starting for any other team. He and Beatty are overlooked for some reason.

      1. Bohemian, I will agree that Beaty, for some reason, doesn’t really get his just due. He is most certainly a weak defensive outfielder, but quite serviceable at 1B. He has proven to quite capable at the plate.

        As for the Catman, he too is quite serviceable during the regular season, but has a really nasty habit of serving up gopher balls in the postseason. Was the same issue in 2020. Just my take.

  2. Tayrn, right you are. In listening to Giants’ podcast they are discussing an 8 man rotation! Sheesh. A little different than my days for sure.

    John Smoltz (Hof Braves pitcher) commented on the WS broadcast how today’s pitchers are trained differently now. More specifically, they are trained to go max effort unlike years ago. This goes to explain why starters don’t go deep into games any longer.

    It’s also why I say the value of pitching has changed. Starters being less valuable than they once were while conversely raising the value of a quality relief pitcher. It also supports my argument for re-signing Kenley and Kelly. I’m guessing Knebel thinks he can find another closer job so I say good luck.

    1. After coaching Little Leagues for years as well as high School. The pitch counts started at young ages have directly contributed to arm strength not building up. They also let these kids throw WAAAAAAYYYY to many curve at young ages , they play AAU leagues PONY COLT and youth leagues before they are done growing etc. . Add in that the kids that do end up with a MLB hopeful future throw lights out max to try and get drafted etc. The arm strength because of these very examples are also contributing to pitchers not lasting long, and or having TJ surgeries right out of high school. Smoltz should pay attention to the kids. They ALL throw maximum effort from when they are still growing. NOT GOOD for tissues etc.

      1. Several years ago, I watched a 10-year-old snap off an almost perfect Uncle Charlie. Everyone else was salivating about how the kid would do in high school, but I said I didn’t think he’d get that far. He didn’t. Same with these “max effort” 13-year-olds. You’re right, it’s bad for them, but no one seems to care. So far, in our small town, we have already had two kids get tommy johns. One was “preventative.” Sad.

        1. Rainbird, I had always heard that throwing curveballs at a young age wasn’t good for you. I said it was bs and didn’t apply to me. Oops. Glad I was able to transition to golf and provide myself a living with it for a number of years.

      2. Kirk, you watching the WS? Ian Anderson no-hitter for 5 vs best offense in baseball. Doesn’t face a batter in the 6th lol. Lemme hear you pal…ya ya I know it’s DRrr’s fault lol

        1. Atlanta’s pitching was awesome d4, especially in that 11-2 game wouldn’t ya say. Just because Drrrrrrr wouldn’t allow Pujols to play game 6 even after he was Hot doesn’t mean I would accuse drrrrrrrr of making Atlanta’s pitchers even better……Runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs and Drrrrrrrrrr let’s all 3 hitters strike out? Yeah they were so good Drrrrrrr was afraid to have them bunt, he’d rather they just strike out !!!!

          1. Agree with you Kirk, those three strikeouts were hard to watch. Big question for me is why was Souza even at the plate for customary strikeout. He takes a called third strike that is clearly in the zone and this fool turns to question the ump. Bigger question though is why was Barnes not used in the situation. He has proven (2020 bring back any memories) he knows how to BUNT!

          2. Kirk, I can just hear Vinny…”A swwinggg and a miss” lol

      3. And don’t forget year round baseball. Kids have a hard time going from football to basketball to baseball etc becausd travel teams keep them comitted yr round.

        1. Kinda ridiculous huh? Maybe it’s frustrated parents trying to live vicariously through their kids? IDK

      4. That’s the one thing I’m confused about. I remember being in little league in the early 80s and pitchers were being discouraged, or should I say not encouraged to throwing curves, sliders, etc. Pitchers mainly tried throwing hard and worked in control.

          1. Definitely not a good idea. But have things changed that much? Are they being encouraged more now to develop those types of pitches?

    2. First, thank you for the compliment. I’m not sure how an eight-man rotation is possible or even plausible unless the league increases the roster number, not to forgo what that would do to the position player numbers.

      1. Oh I certainly agree. I wasn’t commenting on it’s feasibility rather than just as a discussion topic on the table. It’s just interesting to see how others are looking at ways to improve.

        1. I know you weren’t and I’m sorry if my comment made it appear as though you were. It was awesome to learn what was in the minds in SF in regards to their pitching staff and moving forward, and it seemed a consideration to not pass by without opinion offered.

          1. I think the term 8 man rotation just means they would mx and match and give guys extrs days, not necessarily have them all pitch every 8 days. See my earlier comments on how the Dodgers managed their 7 guys.
            (Kershaw, Bauer, Buehler, Urias, May, Gonsolin, Price)and eventually the bullpen as a starter.

  3. Scherzer will be coming back. Add in Noah Syndergaard, Marcus Stroman, and or Zach Davies in the mix, and the rotation would be settled.

          1. I just don’t see that Kirk, if anything we have learned from or about Scherzer, he is clearly not someone who quits. In my opinion he was really having an arm issue. I think that his approach of all or nothing is going to be his downfall and possibly very, very soon. Why I would not offer him a ton of money on a 2 or 3 year deal, The man is 37 and is still max effort. I know that some are going to say look at Wainwright, but Wainwright doesn’t blow a gasket on every pitch. I personally think this dead arm issue goes deeper than any of us knows. WSS

          2. Nobody will ever mistake today’s pitchers with Sandy Koufax.

            For that matter, nobody will mistake any of today’s players with Kirk Gibson either!

            HOF Manager Leo “the lip” Durocher once said “lots of guys like players who come to play…I like ones that come to kill”

            I love that.

            BTW I have no idea how they got it done, but at my little league awards banquet one year they got Casey Stengel to give a speech to us. Impressive.

        1. Folks every pitcher is different. Trying to compare them is like apples and oranges. Oh ya they’re both fruits lol. That’s where the similarities end though. I think you get my point. Age not the determining factor. Health history and type of pitcher they are are much more telling. Max is predominantly still a power pitcher and has a higher likelihood of losing his stuff than a Wainwright. That being said, I have learned kinda how Doc puts it…never a good idea to bet against HOFers, especially 1st Ballot ones!

          1. One pitcher who is a FA who had a great 2021 is Robbie Ray. He used to be with the D-bags and Dodgers used to use him like a BP pitcher. No idea how he had the year he had with the Jays. Maybe the American League just couldn’t figure him out? IDK

            Maybe the Giants over-pay for him? We can only hope 😉

    1. Why not make an attempt at putting a trad package together with Cleveland and bring Bieber to LA. Cleveland is not going to have much of an appetite to pay him what he is going to command. Don’t know exactly where he is right now with regard to his current contract, but we have the means to bring him here. (Player capital)

      1. Not the worst idea in the world. So much is going to hinge on what happens with that dang CBA though. I don’t see anything happening ahead of that. Maybe I’m wrong and some guys may want to lock in ahead of it too. Anyone’s guess. Signing bonuses won’t get affected by it.

      2. Harry, if I had my good buddy’s job (wink wink), I’d build my team around “gamers,” regular season stats be damned.

        1. Do you think a regular season lineup of Bellinger, Kike, and Joc in the outfiled with JT, CT3, Lux, and Muncy in the infield and Barnes catching beats the Giants and Padres to reach the playoffs? Just curious …

          1. Bum4, do you really expect Belli to hit .165 in 2022? Injuries could have derailed Ted Williams into a .165 hitter potentially. Go ahead and create whatever hypothetical lineup you want.

            It all depends on what kind of a season a particular player is going to have which would determine the potential success of any team!

            What a ridiculous comment.

            If you told me ahead of time a particular player was going to hit .165 I’d DFA his rear for sure!

            Only problem is, NONE OF US HAVE A CRYSTAL BALL!

          2. My crystal ball broke back in 1988 went I sent Gibson to pinch hit in the bottom of the 9th in game 1 of the WS. I dropped it in the post game celebration. My Amazon replacement has been on back order since lol.

          3. DF4L … I’m going to try once more to enlighten you on the how narrow a view considering playoff performance to the exclusion of all is when assembling a team or judging a player and then I’ll stop wasting my time.

            Ted Williams – the greatest hitter in the history of the game – played in 1 world series in 1946. He batted .200 with 0 HRs in 25 ABs and SO 5 times. If you would DFA him or think his GM was a fool for signing him, I can’t help you.

          4. Bum4, you got it backwards. But it’s ok. I’m done arguing with everyone.

  4. It’s hard to imagine the Giants not bringing Gausman back unless they have their eyes on a bigger prize, like Scherzer. Reportedly, Zaidi was always trying to get Scherzer to the Dodgers because he wanted a rotation with both Scherzer and Kershaw in it. So… At any rate, Gausman and Ray are not replacements for Scherzer or Kershaw. I’m not even sure they would be replacements for Gonsolin and Price at this point.

    1. Have to agree there. Look folks, the Giants got a taste in 2021, they ain’t satisfied with how their season ended either! They already have a leg up on the Dodgers when they lured away Zahidi (who IMO is a better judge of talent than you know who). Giants have more financial flexibility than the Dodgers as well. They don’t have boat anchors DP, TB and MB on their books. Gausman ain’t going anywhere. Time to get used to a more competitive NL West. Kirk is happy with the Padres hire of Melvin and I’m sure they will be better than under Tingler (who had no prior experience before his brief tenure) as well. How much better is anyone’s guess.

      Buckle up buttercup. Things aren’t gunna be interesting next year if we get baseball at all.

      1. DF4, the bigger question with the Giants is their age. Crawford, Posey and Belt are all going to be 1 year older and I seriously doubt that they are going to put career years together, back to back . If Wood leaves that creates a huge pitching hole for them. I don’t believe Gausman has ever put 2 good years together consecutively. Cueto is aging and has been injury prone. My opinion, but I don’t believe the Giants are going to be our thorn next season, but those boys to our south will be, but I see another division title in my crystal ball for the boys in blue in 22.

        1. Yep. Pad’s will be a problem with the return of Clevenger. If Lemet gets healthy and Gore figures it out, they will be a big problem.
          The Giants had a magical year where everything went right for them. Hard to think that will happen again.

          1. As long as they have the twin dummies I’m not overly concerned about the Pods. Overblown egos just don’t deliver.

        2. Harry, Cueto is beyond done. I’m pretty sure he’s not even a 2022 consideration for them. The PBC guys are only 34-35ish not a dinosaur yet but each year gets them closer. Be willing to bet they put up decent enough years as they are exceptional players. And I’m willing to bet you 2B will be my fav Dodger. The question mark for them will be who do they surround Webb with. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them add another front-line starter or two. They have lots of room.

          1. He clearly is gone. Has a team option a $22Mil or a buyout for $5. That would be one of the easiest no brainers of all time. Sure hope CT3 does not end up there, though there is a lot of chatter about that. They will not have any choice but to add arms, they stand to lose 3 starters and possibly 4. They also have a 3rd baseman who is getting a little long in the tooth.

  5. Anyone watching the WS? Ian Anderson for the Braves is pitching a no-hitter through 5 innings against the best offense in BASEBALL! He won’t be facing a batter in the 6th!

    Ok all you little league managers I wanna hear from you….

  6. I don’t recall who the brain surgeon was who criticized me for bringing up the DFAing of DJ Peters was. Ya Peter’s may not have hit for high average but he did hit 13 HR’s! More than I could say for the McKinney, Raley, Reks, Souza, McKinstry bunch…COMBINED! Lame criticism!

    1. Yeah, I had high hopes for DJ as well. Thought he would finally get the strikeout thing resolved and be a fixture in RF with Betts going to CF. Big bat and cannon arm, with speed and agility for a 6’6″ dude!

    2. Same with that young pitcher (can’t think of his name; chemo brain) who just signed with AZ. Had nice movement with a few of his pitches….

    3. You would be correct DF4, Thought the DFAing of Peters was simply stupid. It’s agreed that Peters is not going to hit for a high average, but was clearly more productive than the aforementioned group Add to that he is strong on the defensive side and has a cannon. Every time I see McKinstry’s name, I get torqued. He was supposed to be the replacement for Kike.

        1. He has been exposed for who he is. His underlings are running circles around him! I have no idea how he baffles ownership. And everyone here jumps all over Doc? Tsk tsk

        2. Would you have re-signed Kike and made him an everyday starter? Because that’s what he wanted. While I think Friedman floated a rumor about Joc wanting a regular job, I heard Kike state in interviews over the years that he wanted to be an everyday starter. Knowing he’ll hit .250, at best, with sub par AB’s against RH pitchers, where would you have played him, everyday…..CF? The Dodgers tried twice to make him the starting 2B and his lack of hitting got him removed. I don’t know if it’s the stress of playing infield or what but he seems to hit better as an outfielder.

          1. Where you play on the field affects your hitting? Really? Have you ever played? Ya it really affected CT3 and Kris Bryant lol

          2. Curtis, Kike would have been invaluable this season. I know that no one can predict injuries, but with what happened to Mookie missing significant time, Pollock missing time and Cody just plain awful, Kike could have and probably would have been in the lineup every day. As far as him hitting 250, tell us how that compares to McKinney, Souza, Reks and Raley. Plus he is superior to all of them on defense. The final nail is how he excels in the post season. Oh, and more thing he could have filled in for Corey when he was out Kike like CT3 are rare breeds who have the ability to roam and play at a pretty high level no matter where they played him. They would have been considerably better off it they had taken the time to offer him decent money and asked that he continue to be the super sub instead of just letting him walk without as it appears minimal effort to retain him. One final thing, he is a winner and with the Dodgers he will or would have had the post season stage to show his worth. I’ll take my chances on the Dodgers making the playoffs more than Boston. Never know, 2022 is his contract year, so maybe he come back to where he belongs.

  7. Braves defense is 100x better than the Dodgers! Wow they only scored 1 run? But they’re still winning! Guess offense really isn’t that important after-all…who knew? Lol

    Folks pitching and Defense! That’s what wins in October!

    1. I think it would have been an easy catch for Rosario if Swanson hadn’t gone out so far. Rosario hesitated and briefly looked to see where Swanson was which resulted in the ball not being caught.

      1. Harry, you make good point. I really got disappointed Eddie didn’t make a better effort at it considering what was at stake (maintaining the no-hitter) just sayin.

    2. DF4, you know as well as I do that it was not the Braves pitching that won the first two games of the NLCS. We went 2 for 18 with RISP. Don’t score runs because you can’t hit – You Don’t win. It was not the Braves pitching but instead an undisciplined approach at the plate. Seemed like they just plain forgot what a strike zone is. They looked pathetic with their approach. I will admit that hitting with RISP has not exactly been our forte this season, but still. I will agree that our defense left a little to be desired through the season. A couple of more accurate throws and the Giants are the 2nd place team, not us.

      1. The Dodgers plate plan was that on the Joc Peterson style, homer, walk, strikeout. They all appeared to believe that a ball 1/2 inch off the plate wouldn’t be called a strike. Waiting on the pitch to accentuate the launch angle will bite you more than not. The stats will read the Dodgers offense was very good, but most of the runs came in chunks in blowouts or slugfest games and not enough when low-scoring games needed base hits with RISP left on the bases because base hits aren’t in style or whatever the term is today. How many one-run games were lost, and extra-inning games were blown by the failure to get a hit.

        1. Some day and hopefully very, very soon these analytical geniuses begin to realize that what works for 162 does not work in the post season. Reaction and feel, adjusting what is in front of you, using your eyes a little instead of steadfastly going with what is perceived as the percentage move. And for heavens sake, learn how to hit the other way and bunt the darn ball. If for nothing else it forces the defense to a least think! The Dodgers had one of the worst one run game records in the majors last season and were atrocious in extra inning games. Team was pathetic all season with RISP and it lost them the opportunity to be playing for another title.

      2. Harry, I wasn’t saying that it was the Braves pitching that won games 1 & 2 rather than it was the Dodger defense that lost them!

  8. Disappointed Rosario didn’t dive to try and save the combined no-hitter with no outs in the 8th! What did he have to lose? It was a blooper.

  9. Scorer gives an error to the wrong guy! On an attempted steal the throw not handled by the shortstop goes into CF. The scorer gave the catcher the error, should been the SS. Ask Swanson and he would say he should have made the play. Guaranteed.

    1. In Swanson’s Game 4 post game interview (he HR’d so was being interviewed) he commented how he was really disappointed in his Game 3 execution (see above comment) and that he promised his teammates it would be better in Game 4. He was true to his word.

      1. No argument. He should’ve been banned for life! But unfortunately the owners have spineless worthless pile of dung for a commissioner.

        1. Well put my friend. He has not displayed the slightest remorse and continues with his arrogance and F You attitude. Can’t stand the guy. I really do not want to see anybody injured, but if this jerk pulled a hammy I don’t think I would care very much,

          1. Harry, I laughed my head off when Bregman was in agony after getting plunked in the ankle. I was actually hoping it was broken! I know this sounds cruel, but IIWII


  10. Braves combined 2 hit shutout of the best offense in BASEBALL! Dodgers were ranked 5th.

    Led by a 23 year old! Ian Anderson no hits thru 5

  11. Scherzer did not quit at the end. Nope….he said that his arm was “dead”. Jeez, in my wildest dreams I could never imagine Sandy ever saying something like that…. w/his complete games and all…but Max the Animal didn’t quit! He just thought that Walter would win game 6, so amazingly he would feel much much better and would be quite able to pitch game 7.. Come on…..Max wanted to be headline news for the Dodger’s repeat WS. Isn’t this why he chose to come to LA? Max and Hitless Trea were not Dodgers…it was just a part time gig to set them up for a bigger paycheck. The Dodgers need Taylor period. Pay him what he wants and take a pass on Scherzer. Let CT3 play 3rd and in the outfield when defense is a must.

    1. I say give CT3 whatever the heck he wants. He’s earned it! If it playing time, No problem. If it’s a guaranteed position? Where would you like to play Mr. Taylor?

      Dodgers, don’t mess this one up!

      1. DF4 you and anyone who follows this site are well aware of my position on Taylor. The Dodgers need to and it is imperative that they sign him as soon as possible. If they screw around and don’t get it done immediately they may be or will very well likely in for a very, very rude awakening. They need to resign him before any body else has a chance to lure him away. They can not take the attitude of letting him see what is out there like they have done in the past. They could have had Kike in the fold if they would have been willing to get him more at bats and for not very much money, but they let him test the waters and now he plays for Boston. CT3 and Kike are both in the mold of super subs and they can’t mess this up. They are not going to get a second chance.

          1. Agreed, not sure where it was posted, might have heard it on MLB Channel, but he made a comment that he would play for 1Mil is a team would guarantee him 500 AB’s. The man just wanted to play and he showed the world his value again this year. Maybe the dumbest move a Dodger FO has ever made.

          2. Agreed, not sure where it was posted, might have heard it on MLB Channel, but he made a comment that he would play for 1Mil is a team would guarantee him 500 AB’s. The man just wanted to play and he showed the world his value again this year. Maybe the dumbest move a Dodger FO has ever made.

          3. He sees himself as a starter and the Dodgers don’t. As far as where you play affecting your hitting. Pedro Guerrero says hello from LF where he hit much better than he did as a third baseman.

        1. Kike wanted to start, to get 500 AB’s. Going into the season, where would you have started him? I would have loved to have him too but comparing him to who ended up on the bench is a poor argument because he wasn’t going to come back as a bench player.

          1. Curtis, you’re right. I guess my comment was based more on frustration with the way things unfolded this season in lieu of the reality of the situation. Would have been nice if they could have work on something to give Kike some guaranteed starts, but they would be very difficult to accomplish, May be comes back after 22 in that super utility role, though in all likely hood we are going to need a new left fielder with 22 being in all likely hood Pollock’s final year in Dodger blue.

          2. Don’t mis-understand my comments on Kike, more specifically, I don’t blame him one bit for leaving! If I were him I would have done the same thing! My criticisms seem to always somehow revert back the same place. Anyone who knows knows. Why I seem to be the only one who sees this is beyond me but IIWII. It’s just not the obvious bullseye in everyone’s sights.

    2. Bayside, think I mentioned this before. It had never occurred to me before, but I could very well see your observation about Max wanting the glory of winning a game 7. He obviously said yes to a relief appearance in the DS. If that was indeed the case (now this is of conjecture on our parts), I wouldn’t want to re-sign him. Again we don’t know the full details, only those involved do.

  12. After reading all the above comments, most of which have some credibility, and whether one believes AK and DR should depart, just think of the pressure that the front office will have in the next four months. BTW, there is no chance that Roberts will not be the manager next season. Like him or not, how many games did the Dodgers win —- 111 with a “gob” of injuries? Lot more than any other team. However, I am very critical of several decisions that DR made this past season.

    1. DR stays, send the other Packing! Send him back the Rays! He’s the damn clown not DR.

  13. This incredible team has underperformed under Roberts, largely due to many irrational strategic decisions.

      1. Look I have not been in Doc’s corner on too many occasions, and I think he mishandles the pitching staff at every opportunity available to him, however did doe not swing the bats or try to catch the ball (which we seem to have difficulty with at times). The one thing that I really have a problem with and have had a problem with is his handling of Beaty. When he would constantly play or pinch hit the likes of McKinney, Souza, Reks or Raley over Beaty is mind boggling. All of us and that includes me need to understand, Doc is going to be our manager in 2022 (hoping we have a 2022 season). These guys are just going to need to preform to a higher lever.

        1. Harry, I’m with you on Doc’s misgivings as well. I don’t care if I am a fan of him, there is much left to be desired from a decision making standpoint. I know I won’t get an argument from the Fire Roberts crowd. His mid-use of both Beaty and Barnes simply dumbfounded me all year. And the spa day criticisms are unforgivable in that they weren’t managed as well as they could have been. Folks spa days are a necessity like it or not over 162! I agree though that they could have been handled better than they were.

          Here’s the rub though that simply escapes everyone here…those spas days were not all on Doc! He can only fill the lineup with guys on the 26 man roster. He is not responsible for that roster! That’s my good buddy’s job.

  14. It all starts after the WS. Player signings that is. But they NEED to iron out that neww CBA and quickly. Having another work stoppage will damage the game even more than that heathen Manfred has already done. Many fans never came back after that 1994 strike and more fans will say goodbye to MLB too if they can’t get a deal done. The complete game obviously has become a dinosaur ?

      1. I agree as well. If there is a walkout this year, it will be many, many moons before mlb recovers. I mentioned some things in a previous post, but ironing/hashing out this CBA is not going to be a walk in the park. There well could be troubled waters ahead.

    1. Anyone thinking the CBA will be hashed out quickly is foolishly optimistic. These sides despise each other and are going to make the build back better negotiations look like a friendly chat. The owners figured out how to use the existing CBA cost effectively and several teams gave up competing entirely. The players are going to demand major changes. I hope I’m wrong but fear it’s going to be a protracted ugly affair.

      1. Bum4, I’m afraid you are 100% correct there. Not looking forward to this one bit.

  15. It is painfully obvious to me who owns this site by what comments go straight to moderation.

  16. For this WS I had a tough choice to make…root for a racist fan base or fan base supporting proven cheaters. I chose the unpalatable tomahawk chop crew. I simply can’t forgive cheaters who destroyed the integrity of the game I love.

  17. I understand guys, lesser of two evils.
    But forgive me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Altuve the Mayor of Munchkinville in the wizard of Oz? I’m old but can’t recall the credits at the end. ??

    1. Don, can you believe the Mayor of Munchkinville is 2nd in career postseason HR’s. He’s got 23 to Manny(wood) Ramirez’s 29. Amazing for a midget lol

  18. Kike Hernandez went 0 for 11 in Games 4, 5, and 6 in the ALCS when the Astros beat the Red Sox three games in a row to win the series. Kiki disappeared when his team needs him the most. Yep, STEAL OF THE CENTURY for a hitter who can’t come through in crunch time. I don’t blame you, that’s how your brain functions when you get old, I mean old like dirt.

    1. Ya he ONLY batted .385 for the series lol. What did your favorite player hit .167?

      1. 10-26 with 5 of the 10 for extra bases. Dude you are just barking up the wrong tree.

    2. Miguel, before you open your big fat stupid mouth, do your research ok? Kike singled in the 9th of game 4 and tripled in the 6th of game 6!

      Get a clue!

      1. That’s the beauty of technology today. All the info on everything is so readily available for anyone with half a brain to see. Unfortunately some folks simply don’t have even that lol.

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